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Points are part of the scoring system used in MWLL to determine CBill gain and rank progression. Points are earned in matches in a number of different ways:

  1. Dealing damage to an opposing player or unmanned asset. This is by far the most common way of earning points.
  2. Getting a kill. This by itself does not earn as many points as doing damage does.
  3. Capturing areas in Terrain Control.
  4. Spotting opposing players and relaying that information using C3.
  5. From guiding your teammates' missiles to opposing players via NARC beacons or TAG lasers.

As you gain points, you will progress through the ranks, enabling you to have more CBills available when you respawn. Your current point total is displayed on the scoreboard, which can be viewed by pressing Tab with the default controls. It is important to note that points are displayed in per thousands for the sake of clarity.

Asset Tiers

All assets belong to a numerical tier (i.e. tier 1, tier 2, etc.). When earning points through damage, you will gain more by damaging a higher tier asset when piloting a lower tier one. This mechanic helps late-joiners catch up to other players more quickly than they otherwise could. An asset damaging another, higher-tiered asset will receive a 5% cash bonus for every tier level difference. Likewise, an asset damaging another of lower tier will receive a 5% cash reduction for every tier level difference. This is calculated in-game by 1.0+(tierDifference*0.1), where tierDifference is from the perspective of the attacking asset - this value can be negative if the attacked asset is lower tier. Below is a listing of all assets and their respective tiers:

Tier Asset Class
1 APC Tank
Harasser Hovercraft
2 Mithras Tank
Osiris Light Mech
3 Sparrowhawk Aerospace Fighter
4 Chevalier Tank
Chimera Medium Mech
Donar VTOL
Elemental Battle Armor
Hawkmoth VTOL
Hephaestus Hovercraft
Longinus Battle Armor
Raven Light Mech
Solitaire Light Mech
Uller Light Mech
Tier Asset Class
5 Anubis Light Mech
Ares Tank
Avar Aerospace Fighter
Goblin Tank
Hollander II Medium Mech
Partisan Tank
Regulator Hovercraft
6 Cougar Light Mech
Epona Hovercraft
Owens Light Mech
Puma Light Mech
Uziel Medium Mech
7 Bushwacker Medium Mech
Corsair Aerospace Fighter
Shadowcat Medium Mech
Sulla Aerospace Fighter
8 Rifleman Heavy Mech
Tier Asset Class
9 Black Lanner Medium Mech
Catapult Heavy Mech
Oro Tank
Rommel Tank
Rusalka Aerospace Fighter
Visigoth Aerospace Fighter
10 Loki Heavy Mech
Ryoken Medium Mech
Warhammer Heavy Mech
11 Argus Heavy Mech
Avatar Heavy Mech
Demolisher Tank
Mauler Assault Mech
Novacat Heavy Mech
Thor Heavy Mech
Vulture Heavy Mech
12 Cauldron-Born Heavy Mech
Huitzilopochtli Tank
Thanatos Heavy Mech
Tier Asset Class
13 Awesome Assault Mech
Shiva Aerospace Fighter
14 Madcat Heavy Mech
Masakari Assault Mech
15 Atlas Assault Mech
Madcat MKII Assault Mech
Morrigu Tank
Xerxes Aerospace Fighter
16 Blood Asp Assault Mech
Daishi Assault Mech
Fafnir Assault Mech
Mobile Long Tom Tank