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Welcome to the MechWarrior: Living Legends Wiki, the #1 source of knowledge gathered by the community of this BattleTech total conversion mod for Crysis Wars.
There are currently 315 articles and 940 images.

MWLL 0.15.1 is now LIVE!

VTOL flight model & controls were redesigned in update 0.15.0 to increase accessibility, and to nerf non-interactive "ballooning" tactics. Your keybinds should automatically switch to the new control scheme, check the ActionMapper if you want to reconfigure them.

0.15.1 addresses a bug that caused in-game text to become unreadable. Consult the changelog for more details, including the usual round of balance tweaks and variant changes.

MWLL Events
TC and Single Life Merc Nights - On weekends
MWLL Version Information
Latest Version: 0.15.1 | Download Next Version: TBA
Release Date: April 29th, 2022 Release Date: TBA