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Owens 086.png
Class: Light Mech
Faction: Inner Sphere
Ticket cost: 2 upon destruction
Tier: 6
Tonnage: 35 tons
Speed: 129.6 km/h (181 km/h with MASC)
Torso yaw: 180°
Torso pitch: -19° to +30° while standing.
-19° to +40° while crouching.
Variant Armament
Variant Weapons Equipment
Price: 42 750 CBills
Total base armor: 34 077
Engine Size: VOX 280 XL
Price: 44 850 CBills
Total base armor: 34 077
Engine Size: VOX 280 XL
Price: 42 650 CBills
Total base armor: 34 077
Engine Size: VOX 280 XL
Price: 44 050 CBills
Total base armor: 34 077
Engine Size: VOX 280 XL
Price: 48 650 CBills
Total base armor: 34 077
Engine Size: VOX 280 XL
Price: 40 450 CBills
Total base armor: 34 077
Engine Size: VOX 280 XL
Price: 45 450 CBills
Total base armor: 34 077
Engine Size: VOX 280 XL
Price: 42 150 CBills
Total base armor: 34 077
Engine Size: VOX 280 XL
Armor Points Distribution

An Inner Sphere Light Mech, the Owens is one of the Mechs available at the start of a game. It is well Armored and possesses impressive speed, as well as arguably the most difficult to hit Center Torso for a starter Mech. Some Owens variants have electronics such as BAP, MASC, and C3. All variants are equipped with TAG as part of the chassis. While not carrying quite as much electronic Equipment as most Ravens, the Owens is equipped with much heavier and varied Weaponry, allowing it to fulfill various combat roles such as brawling, skirmishing, or providing long-range fire support.

Roles and Gameplay Hints


The Owens Prime is armed with 3 LRM5s making it a long range specialist. When used in conjunction with its BAP, the Prime variant can spot and engage targets from a great distance. The Owens impressive speed allows it to kite it's enemies, an important tactic for using LRMs. The 2 MBLs allow it to effectively defend itself against Battle Armor, but its lack of other defensive weapons makes the Prime useful only in a support role. Although hard to maintain its sweet spot of all weapons firing, it allows it impressive firepower for a starter. The final piece of the Prime's arsenal is a TAG laser, allowing the Prime to pick out targets for allies and allowing pilots confident in their aim to guide missile volleys without waiting for a lock. Despite its lack of extra tons for ammo, the LRM5 launchers are ammo efficient enough that pilots who manage to run through their reserves are guaranteed to have earned enough cbills for an upgrade.

Variant A

The A variant is similar to the Prime variant, mounting 2 ELRM10s, giving it one of the most long-ranged (1500m) punches near the beginning of a match. The A costs 44,850 CBills after its launchers were upgraded from ELRM5s, putting it just outside of the starting allowance in normal matches (pilots should ask their teammates for a donation in order to play the A at the beginning of a game), along with depriving it of any extra tons for ammo. The BAP and EOptics make the A a very good choice for countering enemy snipers and missile boats. The A only has two MGs as defensive weapons in the event enemies get in too close for the ELRMs to work, so while the Owens A can defend itself from BAs, it needs to keep its distance from hostile mechs at all costs.

Variant B

The new Owens B is the only pure close-range brawler Owens at game start, capable of circling its prey, pummeling it with a continuous barrage of fire. The B variant mounts 2 SSRM4s, 2 SPLs, and carries 2 free tons for ammo. It can be considered the younger brother of the D and F variants, combining dual launchers with the lock on capabilities of SSRMs. Despite having lost the MASC of its previous iteration for the sake of lowering its price, it's one of the most survivable assets at game start by merit of being an Owens. Like most Owens variants, the Owens B also employs C3 in conjunction with a BAP. Its TAG lets it paint hostile targets for missile barrages. Its heat is now more manageable, but that is more due to losing its MASC rather than the second HS it gained.

Variant C

Owens C is a close-in to medium range knife fighter. It carries 4 MBLs and 2 SBLs, which gives it fearsome medium to close-range pin-point damage. The heat generated by 6 Lasers is mostly offset by the addition of 3 Heat Sinks, allowing the Owens C to use its MASC for longer periods of time. Using Energy Weapons also means the Owens C isn't constrained by ammunition, allowing it to fight for much longer than other mechs. It basically can stay out until it needs repairs. The impressive sustained speed from the heat sinks and MASC, coupled with C3, BAP, and TAG makes the Owens C one of the best high-speed scout mechs in the game, and a perfect match for long range artillery like Long Toms or Arrows.

Variant D

The 'D' variant is very similar in nature to the B. Instead of 2 SPLs, the D mounts 2 SBLs, generating less heat and dealing less damage over time for the sake of a higher alpha. The D's two SRM6s don't have the tracking of the B's missile system, but makes up for it with a tighter missile spread and larger launcher size. Just like the B variant, the D has 2 free tons of ammo. It's one of two Owens variants equipped with MASC, and along with the combination of missile launchers that don't need a lock and higher alpha lasers make it capable of rushing in, unloading an alpha strike and diving behind the nearest cover before the enemy has much time to react. Its 2 Heat Sinks, along with its now reduced heat requirements, allow for extended use of the MASC system and the fact that it has BAP makes it an excellent scout and hit-and-run mech. A mech pilot who can land every shot from this mech can deal out massive damage over a short period of time. Like all the other Owens it too has TAG but most pilots leave the tagging to other TAG equipped mechs.

Variant E

The Owens E, carrying some hefty hitting power in the form of two MRM10s backed by 2 MLs, is easily the most heavily armed Owens variant. However, it is less useful early game due to the relative inaccuracy of MRMs. It is, however, a god-send for latecomers, allowing them to threaten heavier, slower, more expensive mechs in the late game, and still having enough speed to run away should things go badly. The Owens E also does an excellent job of mopping up starter tanks and hovercraft at short range, though not too close due to the minimum range of MRMs. The E has no spare tons of ammo and the MRMs should be fired conservatively to avoid running out. Being an Owens, the E can quickly return to base for more ammo, but Mechwarriors should be cautious of their ammo consumption just the same. While the E does have BAP it is far from the best Owens for scouting. The C or D variants work much better for scouting. All of the weapons that the E carries are in it's arms, unlike most other Owens that carry some weapons in the torso. Mechwarriors should be careful to protect their arms while piloting the E. Again, like all Owens variants, the E has TAG. Since TAG currently has in-game bugs with MRM convergence, it should be assigned to the least often used key on your controller or mouse or not at all.

Variant F

The F variant is one of the hardest-hitting Owens, mounting 2 MPLs and 2 SPLs, combined with an SSRM6 for some disruptive power and a powerful punch. Not as capable of hit and run as the C, due to its lack of MASC, the lock on nature of its launcher and large array of pulse lasers that need to stay on target to rack up damage, the aforementioned weaponry point to a mech that is meant to stay close and brawl it out. While having an easier time of consistently dealing full damage, it has a harder time spreading damage simultaneously, as it needs to keep staring its opponent down in order to maintain lock and for the pulse laser damage to build up. Two Heat Sinks allows the F some ability to handle the massive heat load from the pulse lasers and because the F has no MASC there is no other system on the mech competing for heat capacity.

Variant G

The Owens G carries 1 ERLBL and 1 LBL giving it a range much longer than that of other light mechs. At only 42,150 CBills, the G is barely available at the start of a match. Unfortunately, most Mechs so early in the game are very fast and will close on the G too quickly for it to make proper use of it's long range. Unless a good sniping position is readily available, the G can find itself unable to leverage its superior range and pinpoint accuracy. Both of the weapons that the G carries are in it's arms, unlike most other Owens that carry some weapons in the torso. Mechwarriors should be careful to protect their arms while piloting the G. Where the G really shines is using its BAP, C3, and TAG as a long range scout for missile boats. This is especially effective against large groups of slower targets at the 1300m maximum range of TAG. This makes the G a good late game joiner if your team has acquired a few long range missile assets.



The Owens is intended to be an OmniMech upgrade of the Jenner BattleMech. The intended role for the Owens is as a cavalry 'Mech that can move along the enemy lines and designate targets for bombardment with Arrow IV artillery attacks. The Owens is a strong spotting unit for artillery and Semi-Guided LRMs as well as a point 'Mech for C3 lances with its permanently mounted TAG laser designator and C3 Slave unit. The Owens is also outfitted with a permanently mounted Beagle Active Probe that allows the 'Mech to detect hidden enemy units. The Owens has a top speed of 129.6 km/h and is protected with seven tons of armor. The 'Mech's unique mix of speed, armor, and electronic warfare equipment make the Owens a valuable asset in urban and dense woods or jungle environments where it can find an enemy unit that is hidden, designate them for an artillery strike, and then leave the area at high speeds.

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