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Archangel spin.gif
Class: Assault Mech
Faction: Inner Sphere
Ticket cost: 15 upon destruction
Tier: 15
Tonnage: 100 tons
Speed: 54 km/h
Torso yaw: 360°
Torso pitch: -30° to +40° while standing.
-30° to +50° while crouching.
Variant Armament
Variant Weapons Equipment
Price: 120 100 CBills
Total armor: 92 754
Engine Size: Immortus 300 Compact Fusion
Price: 118 900 CBills
Total armor: 92 754
Engine Size: Immortus 300 Compact Fusion
Price: 115 750 CBills
Total armor: 94 360
Engine Size: Immortus 300 Compact Fusion
Price: 111 100 CBills
Total armor: 94 360
Engine Size: Immortus 300 Compact Fusion
Price: 124 500 CBills
Total armor: 94 360
Engine Size: Immortus 300 Compact Fusion
Price: 127 100 CBills
Total armor: 92 754
Engine Size: Immortus 300 Compact Fusion
Armor Points Distribution

All stats current as of release 0.16.1

The Archangel is an unconventional 100t Inner Sphere Assault Mech that uses the latest in Inner Sphere technology to create the ultimate defense Mech. On the surface, with a typical armament similar to a Mech half its size, a slow max speed of 54 km/h, and an extremely wide profile, the Archangel looks to be a poor contender for its price and tonnage. However, the Archangel's secret lies within its unique technology to create an ultra-specialised "zombie" mech that refuses to be destroyed. A Compact Fusion Engine reduces damage transfer from destroyed side and back torso plates even more so than the Standard Engine used by the Atlas. Combined with carrying the maximum amount of armor for its tonnage, a pilot can use damage spreading to absorb a tremendous amount of punishment while suffering less penalties when taking hits on destroyed components. Typically mounting GECM or even Stealth Armor, the Archangel has the potential to avoid damage entirely by remaining undetected on radar and frustrating attempts to lock on with Missile Weapons. Finally, for when a situation gets too dangerous even for such a tough Mech, the Archangel mounts Improved Jump Jets allowing it to vault out of harm's way and into covered positions, greatly extending its survivability. With all of these elements in concert, the Archangel makes the ultimate base defender and contester, able to easily absorb or frustrate any attempt to damage it, making up for its poor weapons compliment simply by outlasting the competition.

Roles and Gameplay Hints


The Archangel Prime is a solid medium range assault mech. A single HPPC in the Prime's right arm encourages poking or damage spreading during its long recycle times. With only 4 DHS in total, the Prime must be careful before firing the HPPC when laying down continual fire with its other weapons. If the Prime's heat is already much above 350° it may be prudent to use some coolant before firing the HPPC in order to avoid armor damage. When out of coolant and forced into constant engagement, the Prime should focus on using its center torso-mounted UAC10 and two ERMLs instead of the HPPC. However, due to the Prime's severely limited ammo, players will soon find themselves unable to deal continual damage, forcing them into the damage spreading tactic. Thankfully the Prime's inflexibility with heat is mostly offset by its generous electronics package. GECM allows it to run active radar to better control when and where it engages in a fight. So long as other allies are equipped with C3, the Prime's C3 Master Unit further improves its battlefield awareness and gives it a secondary scouting role that it can serve long after its weapons are disabled or run dry. With so much of its firepower mounted in the center torso, the Prime remains far more formidable than most assault Mechs, after tanking massive damage and losing its limbs and side torsos.

Note: This asset has both C3 and GECM, meaning there is no benefit to using passive radar except when covered by allied AECM.

Variant A

The Archangel A is a jumpsniper through and through. Carrying the quintessential Gauss Rifle for pinpoint damage and an ERPPC for splash damage, the A can successfully trade with most other snipers in MWLL, relying on its ridiculously thick armor to make up for a lack of weaponry. The A has substantial heat issues when trying to jump and use all of its weapons, but performs adequately when sticking to the ground. While jump sniping, players will have to choose between venting coolant, or holding back with some of the A's weapons. GECM helps the A jump snipe by allowing it to find enemies in active radar mode, without tipping them off before jumping. If heat becomes too much of an issue, players are advised to focus on the Gauss and 3 ERMLs as they provide more damage for less heat than the ERPPC.

Variant B

Section Out of Date
This section contains out-of-date information since the release of version 0.16.1. You may help MWLL Wiki by logging in and updating it.

Thanks to the strange shape of the Archangel, the massive screen shake of its AC20 and its impressive armor, the A can more afford to stare compared to other assault mechs. This allows the B to chain fire its weapons to better handle heat. Chain firing the B's two LPLs in quick succession allows it to cool more efficiently so that the B can take advantage of its iJJs in the middle of combat. These JJs can be used to quickly escape when the B's armor gets low, to deny line of sight from one's enemies in order to prolong the fight and give allies more time to deal their damage, or to avoid incoming bombers. One of the B's two Large Pulse Lasers is mounted in its center torso. This allows the B to continue laying down some medium range firepower for its entire lifetime on the battlefield no matter how much damage it has taken. The Archangel operates well as a Brawler but can also function as a Skirmisher thanks to its medium range weapons and powerful improved Jump Jets.

Variant C

The Archangel C has identical firepower to a Catapult B, but close to double the armor. Unlike the Catapult though, the Archangel C is capable of tanking, through its high armor and damage spreading, and providing support with AECM. High armor plus AECM makes for a perfect combination since assets with AECM are often the only one visible on enemy radar making them stick out as a target. The C can also peek around corners and fire just one of its two MRM30s while concealing most of its torso behind cover. The C's MRM30s are mounted low on its arms, so pilots are advised to fully clear hills and other vertical outcroppings before firing. Ammo is a major concern for the C, it has only two free tons of ammo and doesn't have the speed to make frequent trips to rearm. It may be helpful to coordinate with an ally to bring an APC closer to the battle in order to provide ammo. Against BA, the C can use its powerful Improved Jump Jets to dislodge a stow away, or distance itself before dumping a spray of MRMs on the BA. The iJJs also help with the minimum range of the MRM30s. Jump backwards, then fire. Due to the streaming nature of MRM30s, they should often be chain fired to give a sustained screen shake against slower targets.

Variant D - "Deimos"

The Archangel D, like all Archangels, makes up for its lack of weaponry with substantial armor and Improved Jump Jets. But it doesn't stop there. The D is equipped with stealth armor allowing it to close in on unsuspecting enemies and hiding it from their c3 network. This makes the D an excellent choice when dealing with enemy Artillery and aerospace.

The D's Improved Jump Jets allow it to quickly escape behind walls, over cliffs, and even straight up to avoid enemy fire while its UAC20 cools down or unjams. Players are advised to be careful when using the D's jump jets, since stealth armor disables coolant use. To avoid being defeated by a single flamer Solitaire players should coordinate with their allies for protection. When dealing with enemy Flamers, solo, sometimes it's better to hold fire on all weapons or even power down until the enemy's flamers are recharging.

Variant E - "Phobos"

The most expensive unit and for good reason - Phobos the god and personification of Fear and Panic able to produce a blinding laser light show with its three Medium X-Pulse Lasers at 500 meters, all the time closing the range down to 400 meters where it can unleash the especially dangerous Lubalin Ballistics-X AutoCannon20 to blow a hole in whatever it strikes. Finishing off your opponent with a dual SRM2. EOptics for battlefield awareness, iJJ for enhanced mobility with 19 tons of Stealth Armor to move unabated. This stealth armor allows it to close in on unsuspecting enemies and hiding it from their c3 network. This makes the E an excellent choice when dealing with enemy Artillery and aerospace.


The 100-ton Archangel represents the pinnacle of Cortland/Vapula’s Celestial series, yet its design departs quite radically from others in the line. Intended as a command unit or an anchor for assault and defense formations, this beast sports a compact engine, gyro, and cockpit—sacrificing tonnage for sheer survivability. An endo-steel chassis helps alleviate the weight costs, but only slightly, leaving this machine with only 36 tons of pod space for weapons—a pittance compared to most OmniMechs in its tonnage. However, with this design approach, the Archangel becomes a virtual zombie on the battlefield, often standing through withering fire that would crush or cripple any other assault ’Mech in production today.

Notable Pilots - Juffos -Merc, Langhans -Merc, Rogue_One -Merc

Date Introduced 3069 during the Era known as "Jihad" (3068 - 3085) - Unit Role: OmniMech Assault

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