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Bushwacker spin.gif
Class: Medium Mech
Faction: Inner Sphere
Ticket cost: 7 upon destruction
Tier: 7
Tonnage: 55 tons
Speed: 86 km/h (120 km/h with MASC)
Torso yaw: 200°
Torso pitch: -35° to +40° while standing.
-35° to +50° while crouching.
Variant Armament
Variant Weapons Equipment
Price: 65 000 CBills
Total armor: 45 741
Engine Size: 275 XL
Price: 67 400 CBills
Total armor: 45 741
Engine Size: 275 XL
Price: 68 800 CBills
Total armor: 45 741
Engine Size: 275 XL
Price: 58 500 CBills
Total armor: 45 741
Engine Size: 275 XL
Price: 67 200 CBills
Total armor: 45 741
Engine Size: 275 XL
Price: 65 700 CBills
Total armor: 45 741
Engine Size: 275 XL
Price: 66 500 CBills
Total armor: 45 741
Engine Size: 275 XL
Price: 63 900 CBills
Total armor: 45 741
Engine Size: 275 XL
Armor Points Distribution

All stats current as of release 0.15.3

The Bushwacker is an Inner Sphere Medium Mech that packs good armor for its size, as well as impressive firepower. Armed with a wide array of Weapons, and heavily Armored compared to the other Medium Mechs, the Bushwacker is meant to play a dominant position in the early game, and can hold its own against Heavy and some Assault Mechs. Bushwackers are also one of the only Medium Mechs currently implemented that have LAMS, giving the A and B variants limited team protection against enemy Missiles. Care must be taken to not get in over your head when piloting a Bushwacker, as it is not especially speedy or maneuverable, and possesses very little in terms of Equipment.

Roles and Gameplay Hints


The Bushwacker Prime is armed with one of the most diverse arrays of weapons in its weight class. A HVAC10 in the right arm, a torso-mounted ERLL, 2 LRM5s (left arm and external) and a pair of Machine Guns give the Bushwacker Prime 3 different options for long range fire. Equipped with EOptics and GECM, the Prime variant can use its speed and low profile to keep itself in range, while making sure to keep its enemies far. It also packs 1 spare ton of ammo, but the low fire rate on all its weapons keeps ammo consumption low. Best used as a second line mech, poking and prodding distracted enemies while friends keep them at bay. In a 1v1 this mech is hard pressed to stay alive, but by nature of being a Bushwacker it can be hard to pin down, and harder to kill.

Variant A - "Warthog"

The A variant, also known as the "Warthog", mounts an impressive amount of rapid-fire weapons, making it a deadly close-quarters combatant as well as a powerful AA platform. Twin RAC5s provide the bulk of its firepower, dealing incredible DPS against most targets; supplemented by an ERML, SRM4, and 2 MGuns, the Bushwacker A can make short work of lighter targets, and possesses enough firepower and armor to go toe to toe with heavier assets at close range. The A variant suffers a bit at long-range combat, and care must be taken to ensure that the RAC5s do not overheat and jam. Four free tons for ammo give the Bushwacker A sufficient time in the field, but rearming is still an occasional necessity. LAMS helps dealing with enemy missiles.

Variant B

The Bushwacker B forgoes the typical variety of weapons associated with Bushwackers and instead focuses entirely on close-range combat. A mighty LBX20 occupies the right arm, and along with two SRM6s the B variant packs an incredible close-range punch, capable of crippling most Light Mechs in a single pass. Two SLs and an MPL mounted in the torsos supplement the B variant's close-range power, and everything can be used effectively against enemy Battle Armor. It also carries a laser anti missile system to give it some protection against enemy missiles. Like the A variant, the Bushwacker B is highly dependent on extra ammo; the single available ton will usually be spent on the big gun - LBX20, which means the SRM support will typically be gone after a few engagements.

Variant C

The C Variant is the cheapest Bushwacker available, and is a potent choice for closer encounters. Its primary weapon is the paired MRM10 launchers, dumping a solid volley out to a maximum of 700 meters if aimed precisely. For increased rapid fire damage, a UAC10 can be put to use when the enemy is closer than 600m. Finishing off the array of weapons is a single LPL, allowing precise rapid fire without ammunition dependence. Ammunition dependence is the only major flaw to this variant, as only a single spare ton is available, but all the weapons are fairly smart on their consumption. Best used at ranges under 500m where aim is easiest.

Variant D

The Bushwacker D can bring the pain, and will rattle you while doing it. This variant doesn't boast the highest DPS of all the Bushwackers with 3x SPL, 3x SSRM6 and a single UAC5, but unlike other close range loadouts, this mech can not only start bruising you from 800m away- but it will be with the most screen-shaking, disruptive weapon in the game. Good luck holding a bead on this with anything short of LRM as it closes the distance, and seals your deal. That the lions-share of this variants damage is Splash Damage spells short work of 'mechs with small, cramped hitboxes like the Ryoken, Argus and Black Lanner. As if its arsenal wasn't scary enough for Battle armor, there's an extra B-Pod to finish them off.

Variant E - "Rushwacker"

The only Bushwacker variant to pack MASC technology, the aptly named "Rushwacker" is designed to take points and take names along the way. Its primary weapon is a dazzling array of 6 SL, pumping out a massive amount of red light for not much heat at close range. Backing this up is a duo of SRM4, cementing this mech as a up close and personal build. Finally, a LBX10 cannon rounds off the build, providing reach out to medium range, and a decent AA presence. Its B-Pod can be used for disposal of running enemy BA's This mech is best used in tight spaces, or for securing far flung points fast. Use its speed to outrun and outflank foes, or run away from a bad spot. When fighting it, the LBX10 and a large amount of lasers are in one arm, so take that off first.

Variant F

A tough to tame beast, also known in the community as "Thunder-Struck", the HPPC reaches out to a medium-long range of 650 meters while even surpassing the Clan ERPPC with a massive heat spike per shot. Its huge single shot damage, screen-shake ability and image enhancement disruption do command significant respect on the receiving end. The fire rate of the HPPC is quite slow, so make each shot count!
In addition to the HPPCs wallop, a wise pilot will chain fire the two heavy hitting Tbolt launchers, delivering due hurt & even more screen-shake. While the HPPC reloads the pilot can spray the enemy with RAC2 fire.
Equipped with only 2 DHS, the continual firing of all weapons will cause the F to overheat in short time. A pro's tip - the Tbolt5 and Tbolt10 launchers have the exact same fire rate - perfectly lending themselves for an in group sequential fire setup.
While the potential buyer is maybe considering this as an potent Tbolt boat, be warned that its main feature - the HPPC becomes completely useless should the unit partake in an NARC led hunt, save for the opportune last killing blow.

Variant G

A true brawler to the bone, this Bushwacker variant can reach out to 700m with its Particle Projection Cannon causing screen shake and EMP damage before it closes the distance which is where the G really shines. Once at brawling range, further disrupt your foes shots by pummeling them with regular blasts from its massive AC20 and SRM6. Timing the individual firing of the G's three main weapons sequentially will maximize almost constant screenshake. This tactic is typically needed as the weapon loadout does not have the overall DPS that the other variants are graced with. 2x Flamer makes short work of Battle Armor foolish enough to stand in the open and aid in finishing off other foes. This is a very cool-running variant, even with just 2 DHS it takes quite a while to overheat - mainly due to the significant cycle time on the PPC. Remember to load up the extra 1 free ton.


The Bushwacker was designed to have as small a forward profile as possible. This wasn't possible until the Inner Sphere managed to steal blueprints of the Clan Vulture Omnimech during one of its raids, modifying the design heavily to create the basic Bushwacker. After problems with engine shielding were solved, production of the Bushwacker began on the planet Tharkad and the 'Mech has since become a favorite of MechWarriors in the Draconis and Capellan Marches of the Federated Suns. The Prime variant in MWLL carries the same loadout as the primary model of the Bushwacker in Battletech. Notable Pilots - Rogue_One - MERC, Mad Matt - IS, OptimusShr - IS

Date Introduced 3053 during the Era known as "Clan Invasion" (3050 - 3061) - Unit Role: Skirmisher

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