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Faction Inner Sphere
Ticket cost: 5 upon distruction
Tier: 4
Tonnage: 25 tons
Speed: 170 km/h
Variant Armament
Variant Weapons Equipment
Price: 47 750 CBills
Total base armor: 16 376
Price: 46 000 CBills
Total base armor: 16 376
Price: 53 200 CBills
Total base armor: 15 064
Price: 48 300 CBills
Total base armor: 16 376
Price: 50 000 CBills
Total base armor: 16 376
Price: 52 500 CBills
Total base armor: 16 376
Price: 62 500 CBills
Total base armor: 16 376
Price: 51 800 CBills
Total base armor: 16 376
Armor Points Distribution

The Hawkmoth is a light VTOL available to the Inner Sphere. Relatively decent armor mixed with high mobility allows it to survive prolonged periods of time over the front-line, keeping fire on opponents below while relaying enemy movement back to it's team. Having vertical and horizontal capabilities allows the Hawkmoth to become the eyes in the sky. The team that doesn't take advantage of it's intelligence gathering capabilities is lost. The greatest weakness of the Hawkmoth is its poor weaponry, comparable to a light hovertank.

Roles and Gameplay Hints


A long-range sniper variant. Probably most suitable for typical gunship duty - it can pop-up from behind cover at extreme range, fire a single damaging projectile, then hide before the enemy manages to return fire. When near the front line poking the enemy to distract them is a sound tactic. The greatest problem of this variant is lack of damage potential. While the LtGauss has incredible range, it also has a poor damage profile, meaning that this unit should prey on the wounded and focus fire on units that are retreating from the front-line for repairs while relaying Intel of the opposing units. Housing 16 shots per ton, the Hawkmoth Prime comes with two Free Tons bring the total shot capability to 48. Equipped with EOptics and BAP aid it in it's search for pry and enemy movement.

Variant A

The cheapest among it's brethren, yet still that's not it's main selling point. The A has it's primary firepower relying on the Air MXPL battery of four small Air SXPL lasers. This means constant ablation of the enemy - most probably another VTOL in range. The MRM10 will come in handy if trying to harass an slower ground asset, of if the opposing VTOL is midst an stalling maneuver - unable to strafe the MRM hail storm. Excellent for the warrior in dire need to counter an VTOL in early game (45000 c-bills), or harass an mobile target likewise. Take care to stay within the polar region of any ground asset for maximum protection. Or break contact and seek a lone target instead.

Variant B

The B variant replaces the standard LGauss with a Thunderbolt 15 launcher and a TAG, trading direct-fire capacity for more damage and some limited fire support capabilities. The EOptics extend it's Tagging ability while the 2 Free Tons helps prolong it's stay in the field. An additional 3 ERSL allow it to not be completely helpless when out of Thunderbolt 15 missiles. Much like the Prime, the B can paint a target outside the range of most weapons, then move in to unleash a TBolt strike and move out before ground units can blast it out of the sky. Like most Hawkmoths, the B is largely helpless against other air assets and lacks the firepower to deliver a decisive blow to a tough enemy. Shedding 1/2 ton of Armor to carry a heavier load the Hawkmoth B at 4 tons is the least Armored unit.

Variant C

The Hawkmoth C is the second unit that does not come any added with Electronics but is compensated by its Dual Air SSRM4. The Streak Short Range Missiles can Lock onto a target and autonomously follow it, or be Guided by the aiming reticule out to 349 meters with continuous fire shaking your foe non-stop. 1x ERLBL produces a devastating 555.09 of Damage held on on spot or sweep in across to spread out the Damage, reaching out to 800 meters. When hunting with this unit it's better to be with a group.

Variant D

Piloted well, the Hawkmoth D can be a real irritant for an enemy force. Its dual LPPCs provides a relatively strong mid-range punch the equivalent of a standard PPC as an Alpha hit or Chain-fired to keep your foe off balance. Backed by a pair of Air SRM4 racks with zero min range out to 498 meters. These racks Chain-Fired will keep your target rocking with 4x100 of Damage. The GECM enables more stealthy approaches right up to 500 meters, making this variant a decent surprise brawler early in a TC game. Hit them and Hit them Hard.

Variant E

This variant of the Hawkmoth carries 1 LPL allowing for strong DPS from midrange to long. Coupled with the Vertical and Horizontal movability can really put the hurt on an enemy. Its second armament 2x TBolt5 which when Locked On can Travel 6000m dispensing both primary/secondary damage plus shaking your enemy about. Though only equipped with EOptics for target selection and Recon, the Hawkmoth E has ample direct and indirect firepower for most Air to Ground applications. With One HS just keep an eye on your temps. Consider the E as a long to mid range unit.

Variant F "Evil Eye"

Effectively a flying Raven Prime, the Hawkmoth F carries the same iNARC 900 meter system plus TAG for painting targets a 1300 meters for missile attacks. The F also carries BHP which boosts detection range by 400m, C3 that distributes Radar readings to any teammates in range, and Air GECM reducing radar signature by 500 meters, which combined with its better targeting angles from being airborne as well as its greater speed, this variant can be used on any map for Intelligence Recon and Targeting. The F carries only two MGs which can be can be used to scape off a few more points or out an enemy near death out of it's misery. Priced at 62 500 CBills the Hawkmouth F is the most expensive of all the units but with it's Narcing and Intelligence gathering capabilities creates a formidable asset. Don't pass this unit by.

Variant G

The G Variant offers better damage output than the Prime variant and can pull limited AA duty, but otherwise fills much the same role at a closer range. The combination of a RAC5 means that a lot of lead is going to be falling on the target from 900m out, 2 Free Tons keep the RAC5 well supplied. At 500m 2 Air ERSBL kick in pounding out 291.06 of damage and 2 MG spraying continuous fire out to 1600m. Equipped with EOptics and BAP aid it in it's search for pry and enemy movement. All five weapons perform poorly against targets with heavy armor, meaning that this VTOL is meant to be hunting Light 'Mechs, Aerospace Fighters and other VTOLs. Operating at closer ranges than those possible with the more sniper-oriented Hawkmoths opens this variant up to a lot of anti-aircraft fire.


Hawkmoth D visualized by Pytak

Up until version 0.7.0 there was no Hawkmoth D available ingame, because the name was considered "reserved" for an imaginary asset. The Hawkmoth D was a variant set up by KingLeerUK, one of the MWLL team's Lead Developers. The proposed configuration was 4 Long Tom, 6 Heavy Gauss, 8 RAC20, 1 MG with additional 4 LAMS, GECM, BHP and C3. See original post. The Hawkmoth D quickly became a common in-joke of the forum community, and is sometimes mentioned in discussions about alternate variants and anything regarding "overkill". There are promotional posters near some spawn points, showing Hawkmoth D advertisements.


The Hawk Moth is the lighter cousin of the immensely popular Yellow Jacket VTOL. Another Michaelson Heavy Industries design, the Hawk Moth was designed around the Light Gauss, just as the Yellow Jacket was around the larger Gauss Rifle. Using the weight saved by the smaller weapon, the Hawk Moth can zip along at up to 130kph and also carries enough ammunition for a prolonged engagement at extreme stand-off range. However, it carries very light armor, and stands very little chance of survival when engaging outside the environment for which it was designed.

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