Combined Arms

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Example of Combined Arms force made of Inner Sphere units

Combined Arms is an approach to warfare which seeks to integrate different arms of a military to achieve mutually complementary effects. Combined Arms Doctrine contrasts with Segregated Arms where each military unit is composed of only one type of soldier or weapon system. Segregated Arms is the traditional method of unit/force organization, employed to provide maximum unit cohesion and concentration of force in a given weapon or unit type.

    Combined Arms Capabilities are critical to success in battle, because no single arm can be decisive against a determined and adaptive enemy.

Battle Armor, Mechs, Artillery, Vehicles, VTOLS & Aerospace Fighters constitute the Arms in MWLL. Each having it's own Specialty to bring forth in battle. Each having there respective Strengths and Weaknesses, all coordinated and directed by a unified command structure.

Every combat unit has its place in the order of battle and every unit compliments each other. Combined arms is the art of using all the different weapons systems with each other in an effective and devastating way. Knowing your Vehicle and Understanding the Map you are Battling on will help ensure victory.

ProTip: Most players are extremely proficient in one type of role and good in others. Try out the various units - Battle Armor, Mechs, Artillery, Vehicles, VTOLS & Aerospace Fighters to find what you excel at & the ones you are good at. Hone your skills and knowing your limits will perfect your game. Ignore those who want to show off their testosterone levels & claim their method of battle is superior. Remind them it's a Combined Arms Game.