Last Man Standing

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Last Man Standing
Team Based: No
CBills: Fixed, refilled on respawn
Winning Condition: Tickets
Recommended Players: 2-16
Uses Maps: SA

Last Man Standing is a free for all no-respawn deathmatch style game mode that first appeared in MW:LL 0.5.0. It has a recommended player limit of 16 players per map and features George Ledoux reprising his role of Duncan Fisher from MechWarrior 4.

Gameplay and Strategies

It is a sub-gamemode of the Solaris Arena mode and shares many similarities with it. The same tactics and units that are effective there can be used in Last Man Standing.

The main differences are that in Last Man Standing players do not gain ranks like in Solaris Arena or Team Solaris Arena, but instead spawn with a pre-set ammount of cbills that can be spent to their leisure. Players also do not respawn until all players are defeated, upon which the remaining player gets awarded points and everyone respawns for a new round.

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