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The Marauder is a canceled Inner Sphere Heavy Mech. One render of Marauder 3D model was released. It did not make it in time to be included before the final beta 0.7.0


The Marauder was an attack and direct support mech built in the 26th century and was modified numerous times later on. It's the best known type of mech in the galaxy. Prime variant of the Marauder was well prepared for long-range combat with it's 2 PPCs and an Autocannon 5 while two Medium Lasers provided additional firepower at close range. There were at least 19 variants of this common mech, differing not only in weaponry loadout but also in appearance. Between many, the MAD-6L was equipped with an ECM suite, the Stealth Armor, and a pair of Plasma Rifles.

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