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Schrek spin.gif
Class: Tank
Faction Inner Sphere
Ticket cost: 8 upon destruction
Tier: 10
Tonnage: 80 tons

76 km/h

Turret rotation: 360°
Turret pitch: -5° to +35°
Variant Armament
Variant Weapons Equipment
Price: 80 000 CBills
Total armor: 37 681
Engine: GoreTex 240 Fusion
Price: 81 300 CBills
Total armor: 37 681
Engine: GoreTex 240 Fusion
Price: 73 900 CBills
Total armor: 37 681
Engine: GoreTex 240 Fusion
Price: 78 500 CBills
Total armor: 43 200
Engine: GoreTex 240 Fusion
Price: 73 400 CBills
Total armor: 37 681
Engine: GoreTex 240 Fusion
Price: 74 000 CBills
Total armor: 37 681
Engine: GoreTex 240 Fusion
Price: 80 950 CBills
Total armor: 37 681
Engine: GoreTex 240 Fusion
Price: 90 800 CBills
Total armor: 41 359
Engine: GoreTex 240 Fusion
Armor Points Distribution

All stats current as of release 0.15.3

The Schrek is an Inner Sphere tracked assault tank. On the battlefield, the Schrek’s main function is to act as long-range heavy fire support to other vehicles and ’Mechs.

The Schrek has the same total armor as a Rommel, but takes longer to kill through any one part of the tank as it has more hull armor. This also means that each piece of external armor is weaker than the Rommel. Players that are experienced with damage spreading will find the Schrek to be less survivable than the Rommel.

Roles and Gameplay Hints


The Schrek Prime is an excellent sniper tank. Normally three ERPPCs would easily overheat an asset. But with its fifteen single heat sinks the Prime can stay cool even while firing all of its weaponry. On most maps, the Prime can fire two alpha strikes in a row before going above the yellow line. After that, the Prime will go above the yellow line only slightly. Players are advised to wait a little extra time before firing a third time, or to chain fire the ERPPCs at that point to avoid showing up on enemy radar. Chain fire can also be useful to increase the duration of screen shake, or to more easily kill Battle Armor.

Variant A - "All-Star"

The Schrek A, the "All-Star", is a pinpoint damage monstrous ogre that will make enemies scream in fright as it hits the ground running. Eight Medium Lasers break the mould of asset design that generally doesn't allow such boating. They only reach out to a paltry 500m. In order to make these green lasers useful, pilots of the All-Star won't stop coming in to medium, or even close range. There's nothing wrong with taking the backstreets to deny enemy fire while closing in. The range reduction, thankfully means less heat and less heat means All-Star doesn't need a cool place and need not search for places to get colder. Other Schreks might as well swim to avoid using coolant, but not the All-Star. Any temperature of map works for the All-Star and enemy flamers won't set its world on fire. If the All-Star needs a little change, its MLs can be chain fired to layer the heat out more, or to shoot at enemy BA. Backing up the All-Star's lasers are a pair of SSRM4s that, when chain fired, help swamp the enemy with screen shake. GECM puts a hole in the enemy's satellite picture, making it much easier to stay in active radar mode and lock on with the All-Star's missiles without having to worry about attracting enemy missile fire. Though it doesn't need them to get its game on or go play, the All-Star has two spare tons of ammo. Even with all of those weapons, that isn't all of the tools in the All-Star's shed.

Variant B

This variant has the fastest fire rate out of any other Shreck and is very well suited to keeping constant barrage on all kinds of targets. Once its target is within 650m, the tank can unleash its rapid fire arsenal of 3 LPLs which can make short work out of any lightly armored unit as long as the driver keeps the beam steady. Follow up shots are literally continual as the 16 HS can easily deal with the generated heat. The backup dual SRM2 are at best a deterrent to battlearmor and add some extra enemy screenshake. EOptics to search the battlefield and 1 PDS to deter Battle Armor.

Variant C

The Schrek C is a cool-running energy boat with 6 Light Particle Projection Cannons. What the C lacks in pinpoint damage it makes up for in screen shake. This is easily achieved by chain firing all of its LPPCs and in a separate weapon group, chain firing its two Medium Range Missile 10s. With an even shorter effective range than the All-Star, the C must be extra stealthy when approaching its enemies. Passive radar is the C's only option for doing this since it lacks any kind of electronic countermeasures. Unfortunately this means the C's LAMS will be inactive. To make full use of the C's LAMS, players should find a nearby ally with AECM and go active radar or only go active whenever there are incoming enemy missiles or once the C comes within 450m of the enemy, whichever comes first. The C can function as a poking asset by group firing all of its weapons, although the Schrek F fills the role of poker much better.

Variant D

The D maintains long-range flexibility with Two Long Range Missiles 10 which can effectively deter or suppress longer-ranged opponents while on approach, especially when paired with Three Ultra AutoCannons 5 timed to disrupt the aim of high-alpha skirmishers. The three UAC5s providing consistent damage over time with there kinetic damage & does decent bonus damage to air units. Enhanced Optics allow for battlefield awareness while a mere 4 HS try to manage the heat. Only 3 Free tons to divide up between the missiles or cannons.

Variant E

The mighty LXPL while lacking an pronounced punch, still deals it's steady stream of damage from point blank out to 750m in the field and the pair on this variant can wreak havoc on any unit not swift enough to flee for cover in time. One LBX10 can pepper out to 700m once ever 5 seconds with significantly greater damage potential than an AC10 or AC20. Add EOptics and 15 HS for winning combo which makes the F a great ambusher or mid range fighter.

Variant F

The Schrek F is an excellent medium range alpha striker and support asset. All three of the F's weapons recharge slowly, making it very effective when near cover. Simply group fire the two Particle Projection Cannons and the Heavy Particle Projection Cannon then move behind cover while they recharge. A single alpha strike in this manner will not overheat the F, and while PPCs cause much splash damage, focusing fire in this way will concentrate most of the damage on just one the enemy's components. On normal temperature maps, repeated alpha strikes will slightly overheat the F, make it show up on enemy radar, and cause minor heat sink damage, but is otherwise manageable. What makes the F a good support asset are its Beagle Active Probe and Point Defense System. BAP allows the F to better detect enemy positions while the PDS helps mitigate Aircraft and Battle Armor. To make sure that the F's support role is properly realized, players must call out enemy positions in Team Chat, since the F lacks radar sharing capabilities. When forced into a brawl the F should chain fire its weapons for maximum screen shake and heat dissipation.

Variant G - "KV-2813"

The Schrek G, also known as the "KV-2813", doesn't have the fancy dorsal mount, impressive backup weaponry, or solid armor of the Magnum Marauder, but it still brings the same Snub-Nose Thumper Artillery Cannon to the battlefield, at a discount. Unlike the Magnum, the KV-2813 benefits from a low profile, making it easier to hide behind terrain while the Thumper Cannon recycles to fire again. The KV-2813 is just as armored as a Rommel A "Howitzer", but lacks the incredible range of the Rommel Thumper. An array of two MPLs and two ERSLs help protect the KV-2813 when enemies come in too close for the Thumper to be fired safely. Although the G benefits from poking, delivering some indirect fire, and sticking to cover, the G is more than capable of handling the heat of all of its weapons fired repeatedly, thanks to its 13 Heat Sinks.


Developed by Aldis in 2813 to overcome the heat issues which hampered the effectiveness of their immensely popular Demolisher tank, the company took an entirely different tack, replacing the Demolisher's mammoth autocannons with a trio of PPCs and enough Heat Sinks to fire them continuously. It took 10 years and hundreds of coolant suits to develop the Schrek. Utilizing the latest innovations in particle projector technology, the Schrek is capable of literally vaporizing the armor off any 'Mech with one shot. However many potential buyers were put off by the cost and use of a viable fusion power plant. Notable Pilot - Frederick "Sniper" Jones, a private in Halsten's Brigade, a heavy armor unit, Jones has earned his title of "Sniper" by never missing a critical shot when it is needed most.

Date Introduced 2813 during the Era known as "Early Succession War" (2781 - 2900) - Unit Role: Combat Vehicle - Tracked - Sniper

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