Solaris Arena

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Solaris Arena
Team Based: No
CBills: Rank
Winning Condition: Points Per Minute
Recommended Players: 2 - 16
Uses Maps: SA
"It is Solaris time"
— Duncan Fisher
A brave Warhammer pilot enters the arena.
Solaris Arena is a free for all deathmatch style game mode that first appeared in MW:LL 0.5.0. It has a recommended player limit of 16 players per map and features George Ledoux reprising his role of Duncan Fisher from MechWarrior 4.

In this game mode players earn score to increase their rank, which in turn gives them more money at each respawn.

The main victory condition for Solaris Arena is points-per-minute, which is not directly tracked on the scoreboard. Generally, if all players join at the same time, this will be the player with the highest score. However, late-joiners can still win provided they accumulate more points faster than other players.

Gameplay and Strategies

Because there are no formal teams and the engagement range is typically much closer than in objective or team based modes there are unique mechs that become prevalent in Solaris Arena. The strength of mechs like this can lead to informal alliances that must ultimately be broken.

There are also several mechs that find themselves essentially useless in the arena, namely any mech that fields an array of LRMs will find themselves with weapons that do virtually no damage inside of the arena due to their minimum arming range and flight arc. NARC beacons however should not be written off entirely as anyone's missiles can follow the NARC beacon. NARCing a large foe can be a temptation that many simply cannot resist.

Generally speaking, any asset that is most effective at 0-300m shines in this game mode, while medium range assets can be effective if used by experienced players. Long range assets like fragile snipers and artillery find themselves mostly useless and at the mercy of their enemies.

If you are a player joining into a game of Solaris Arena already underway, it is possible to quickly catch the leaders by utilizing lighter assets and specifically attacking either the current score leaders or players in much heavier assets than your own -- the bonus points awarded from tonnage differentials can quickly add up and help you be competitive.

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