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Rommel spin.gif
Class: Tank
Faction Inner Sphere
Ticket cost: 7 upon destruction
Tier: 9
Tonnage: 65 tons

74 km/h (84 km/h with boost)

Turret rotation: 360°
Turret pitch: -4° to +35°
Variant Armament
Variant Weapons Equipment
Price: 61 800 CBills
Total armor: 43 840
Engine: 260 Fusion
Price: 90 800 CBills
Total armor: 38 320
Engine: 260 Fusion
Price: 68 600 CBills
Total armor: 38 320
Engine: 260 Fusion
Price: 63 900 CBills
Total armor: 38 320
Engine: 260 Fusion
Price: 68 100 CBills
Total armor: 38 320
Engine: 260 Fusion
Price: 70 900 CBills
Total armor: 38 320
Engine: Fusion 300
Speed: 94 km/h
Boost Speed: 102 km/h
Price: 64 500 CBills
Total armor: 38 320
Engine: 260 Fusion
Price: 66 000 CBills
Total armor: 38 320
Engine: 260 Fusion
Armor Points Distribution

All stats current as of release 0.16.1

The Rommel tank is a 65-ton armored combat vehicle, specializing in close range fighting and urban combat. The Rommel is also known for one variant in particular, the Howitzer - which mounts a Thumper, a weapon similar in style and damage to Long Tom Artillery. Note: Rommel cannot turn while reversing.

Roles and Gameplay Hints


Armed with the close range punch of an AC20 the Rommel Prime is a brutal mid range fighter in the early game. The mobility and resilience of a 74km/h top speed and 10.5 tons of armor keep it in the fight against light and medium assets, though focused heavy fire will take it down before long. Its Thunderbolt-5 allows it to soften up targets as they close range before opening them up with the main gun. For back up damage and anti-infantry work, a pair of SLs give the Rommel some security from being harassed by BA. 1 Free Ton allow the Prime to be less resupply reliant for the ammo hungry AC20, unlike the TBolt5 which should be used sparingly for backup. A LAMS system also takes some of the bite out of enemy missile barrages against it and allies. Rommel Prime is an excellent upgrade from a light-mech in the early game before all of the enemy are able to field heavier assets.

Variant A - "Howitzer"

The "Howitzer", also known as a Thumper, is the only unit to carry a full-sized, full-ranged Thumper Artillery, a direct fire artillery piece. The unit must be deployed with [ Left Ctrl ] to fire, just like the Mobile Long Tom. Unlike the Long Tom, the Howitzer can maneuver quickly and redeploy quickly. Mastering the Thumper takes time as it lacks the Long Tom's targeting computer, but the rapid rate of fire and nigh-infinite range allow it to repeatedly blast approaching enemies. The cannon can also be used at point blank (beware self-inflicted splash damage), though its sustained damage-per-second is fairly mediocre. Three Free Tons at 8 shells per ton provide this Rommel with sustained fire power. Equipped with EOptics and BHP aid it in its search for prey and enemy movement. Assisted by LAMS, automated defense turrets that target and shoot down or thin out most enemy Missiles that stray too close.

Note: Suspension Kick doesn't work unless the Thumper Rommel is deployed.

Variant B

An often overlooked close battle tank, the B carries a Rotary AutoCannon 5, backed up by two HMGs and three SRM4 for close range jarring defence. The RAC5 can harass units out to 700 meters with its screenshake and high caliber gatling gun rate of fire. The B can bring it's three SRM4s to bear with even more cockpit shake if set to chainfire keeping your opponent off balance while opening holes in armor. 2 free tons of ammo makes B last quite a while in the battle, its up to pilot what ammo to buy in dependance on what he plans to do. Completing the load out are EOptics enabling the pilot to survey the battle field and a mounted PDS system to automatically open fire on Battle Armor that wonders in range.

Variant C - "Comet"

The "Comet" is an angry, short ranged nightmare. It trades the AC20 and half a ton of Armor for a heart stopping UAC20, and instead of a TBolt5, this variant brings a SRM4 to the field, for even more cockpit shake. And if the cockpit shake from the SRM4 and your quickly reddening components from the UAC20 weren't enough to deal with, your also hearing overheat warnings and having your vision obscured because this tank carries two Flamers to top it all off. There's only one ton to feed your hungry UAC20, but you have Eoptics to scour the battlefield, and choose your prey. Choose carefully, though, since this angry fireball can only fully come to bear at 100m, with a max range of 350m before you're reduced to angrily staring.

Variant D

The second in your face brawler, the Rommel D can strip mechs down with lethal precision. An accurate LBX20 shotgun blast holes in enemy armor, while its SRM6 gives it screen-shake and and a PDS provides some Battlearmor defense. A pair of token SPL can lay down minor damage while its main cannon is reloading. The high ground speed and GECM makes it an excellent flanker, and allows it to maneuver behind enemies to strip out their engines. One Free Ton is available for ammo. This Rommel excels at cockpit kills.

Variant E - "Easy Eight"

The "Easy Eight" is a fast and fearsome skirmisher and brawler, bringing a Heavy PPC into battle. Able to do massive damage to nearly all components of a light or medium asset, the E also excels at finishing off weakened and retreating enemies due to its 94 km/h (102 km/h with boost) top speed and the heavy splash damage from the HPPC. A single SSRM4 sends additional splash damage into anything closer than 350 meters, and two MPLs help deal against Battle Armor and to supply some much needed DPS. The long recharge rate of the HPPC demands precision targeting to land each shot and its high heat requires the use of coolant or a brief pause in MPL fire to prevent Heat Sink Damage.

Variant F - "Firefly"

Comparable to the Hollander A variant, "Firefly" trades the Hollander's speed for raw armor. The turret-mounted HGauss is immune to critical explosions making it significantly more durable than the Hollander, but it loses some firepower in that it only mounts two Small Lasers compared to the Hollander's four. Two Free Tons are available for spare ammo, giving it a maximum of 18 shots. PDS will help dealing enemy BA.

Variant G - "Mickey"

A long-range harassment unit, "Mickey" can be an infuriating enemy on open terrain with its array of accurate screen shaking weapons. A ERPPC and a trio of LRM5 allow it to sand the armor off enemies at long range with assistance of EOptics and GECM keeping your radar footprint to a bare minimum. A set of quad MGs gives it some mid-range punch at 400m and reaches out to 1600m etching away armor. Strike your enemy, then reposition before they can retaliate.


The Rommel was designed concurrently with the Patton in the early 3000s when Defiance Industries decided that a vehicle to replace 'Mechs was needed. Since 'Mech production was nearly at a standstill, the ability to produce and field armored vehicles became a necessity no Successor State could ignore. The strength of the Rommel is shown in its great urban warfare abilities. A Rommel may lie in wait down an alley or in other concealment, and then use its devastating armament to cripple or destroy a BattleMech. The main advantage the Rommel has over other, older designs is a combination of higher speed and more armor.

Date Introduced 3027 during the Era known as "Late Succession War - Renaissance" (3020 - 3049) - Unit Role: Juggernaut

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