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MechWarrior: Living Legends (MWLL) is a total conversion mod for Crysis Wars. We have already assembled a dedicated team of over 40+ members from various gaming development backgrounds, all of whom either eagerly await projects or are currently hard at work on all the assets that are to be imported into the game; from BattleMechs to player models, a LOT is always happening with the MWLL team.

The main reason for making this mod was that there had not been an updated "MechWarrior" game for at least 5 years, and that there is a HUGE MechWarrior fan base out there just waiting for a quality title to be released!

To give a bit of history, The Team here at MechWarrior: Living Legends started with just four members in early December 2006. Initially, we were building the mod to be used with the Doom 3 engine; however, with the introduction of the Crytek2 engine, we decided that if we are going to do wide, sweeping environments with really high attention to detail, the Crytek2 engine would be far more suited to what we would need. Since then, our team has grown very quickly as the BattleTech community felt the need for a new and improved MechWarrior title! We finally launched the site in February, and have been blown away over the amount of interest that has already been generated!

We have recently been featured on the very popular Quake Wars and MechWarrior fan-sites, and have also entered into partnerships with the software developer for “GeoControl” and Total Quake Wars. We have also entered into a mutually beneficial partnership with the alternative rock band "PlusminusX", who will be doing the soundtrack for MWLL. We have also been featured in the popular French PC gaming magazine "Vossey Mag", and have done several interviews for BattleTech and Quake Wars fansites alike.

In addition to all of this, we have received full sponsorship from two very large Game service providers, namely, MyInternetService ( and ClanWarz (

Many hardcore BattleTech fans have asked, "How accurately will you stick to the BattleTech rules/artworks and so on? The MechWarrior series from Microsoft, which was thought to be the computer game for the original board game, introduced a lot of new Mechs, rules, and weapons. Together, with its arcade-like gameplay, it became pretty unpopular to "real" BattleTech players because it didn't have much in common with the novels, source books, and rules of the board game."

This issue is an extremely important factor to the entire team; we are truly staying as faithful to the classic Battletech rules/system as we can whilst maintaining a modern outlook on the concepts. A good example is that all the infantry weapons have come from the Battletech technical readouts, and that the Mech weapons will be balanced using Classic BattleTech rules; however, the vehicles will be slightly less specific and more well rounded. One thing that is important to note is that since we are doing something using the BattleTech universe that has never been done before, it is almost impossible to implement everything from classic BattleTech, so we are forced to pick and choose some of the more exciting and fun components over the more mundane, slower ones. As far as which gameplay genre, it will be a combination of first person shooter and simulation...very similar to the ET:QW and Battlefield 2 style of play. Since we are integrating infantry, Mechs, tanks, and air vehicles all onto one map, you will get a choice on how YOU want to play rather than it being pre-determined for you. Rest assured though that the Mech movement will be far more realistic than it was in previous Mech games; most of the team really disliked MechAssault because frankly, a 70 ton machine needs to move like a 70 ton machine!

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