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Overview & Gameplay

A limited supply of coolant is carried by all 'mechs and vehicles with the exception of the Anubis. Coolant can be flushed by pressing the [C] key. Flushing coolant will very rapidly disperse heat generated by the vehicle or battlemech. Usage: Tap quick for small amounts or hold for maximun flush and depletion. Observe your Heat Bar.

The Radical Heat Sink system works like the Coolant Pod, except that it can be activated more than once during a scenario. Unfortunately, repeated use of this system—especially in rapid succession—raises the chances for a catastrophic failure.

NOTE: Coolant will automatically refilled upon repair.

Seasoned pilots learn from early on the heat generation of their vehicle and are keenly aware of the temperature gauge reading.



Introduced: 3122 (Federated Suns) More properly known as the Reclaimed Coolant Flush Injector, the so-called “radical heat sink” system is, in effect, a logical upgrade to the same coolant pod technology prototyped by the Federated Commonwealth in 3049. Where the original coolant pods proved to be one-shot devices, this system enables the ’Mech or fighter to make more frequent flushes in combat. The repeatability is not without some risk, however. Though the flush lines have been reinforced and better insulated to enable its functions, there exists a significant chance of rupture over time, especially if the warrior relies too heavily on the flush to keep his heat levels under control in an intense firefight. For this reason, many pilots and MechWarriors are cautioned to treat the “radical heat sink” system as if it has a more limited recharge supply, stressing that it be used only in cases of extreme emergency. (Field Manual: 3145, p. 247, "Radical Heat Sinks")

BattleTech reference