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Donar spin.gif
Faction Clan
Ticket cost: 5 upon destruction
Tier: 5
Tonnage: 25 tons
Speed: 198 km/h
Variant Armament
Variant Weapons Equipment
Price: 55 800 CBills
Total armor: 16 375
Price: 55 000 CBills
Total armor: 16 375
Price: 52 500 CBills
Total armor: 16 375
Price: 52 000 CBills
Total armor: 16 375
Price: 56 900 CBills
Total armor: 16 375
Price: 48 200 CBills
Total armor: 16 375
Price: 50 700 CBills
Total armor: 16 375
Price: 60 100 CBills
Total armor: 16 375
Armor Points Distribution

All stats current as of release 0.16.1

Similar in concept to the Inner Sphere's Hawkmoth as its name suggests Donar is a light Combat VTOL that excels at softening an enemy and outmaneuvering any return-fire. The Donar was originally commissioned to provide quick fire support, its missiles are effective at exploiting the holes that its laser can open up. The Clan's version of Eyes in The Sky also comes with various arrays of electronics. Donar in Canon is 21 tons, but in Drops the Donar is usually rounded up to 25 tons. Because of the unique flying capabilities of VTOLs, pilots should be looking for targets of opportunity, back-capping and relaying enemy ground troop movements.

Variant and Gameplay tips


The Donar Prime carries a Extended Range Large Laser backed by two Streak-SRM4. It can harass light Mechs and tanks at range, while also being a good choice for hit-and-run tactics by flying just close enough to lock the Streak SRMs, fire and run away. EOptics, BAP in combination with Laser (Target Acquisition Gear) a weapon designed to mark targets for friendly guided ordinance.

Variant A

Pilots familiar with the RAC5 toting Hawkmoth G will feel right at home in this variant, whose two UAC5 with similar range, projectile speed and damage make this the spitting image, although with a clan flavor. Unlike the UAC5 that you'll find on mechs, this VTOL carries an Air modified version of the weapon; which behaves almost exactly like a RAC5, instead of the 3-shell burst you'd expect on the ground.

While the two UAC5 sing the siren song of tremendous damage on paper, the struggle of maintaining a bead to lead all those pellets on target while also handling your VTOL to avoid enemy fire, trees, and terrain leave much of that damage unrealized; explaining why the two complementing CERSL are equipped without being overpowered. However, anyone who masters handling these weapons in tandem with the chassis they're mounted on will find everything from mediums up to assaults easy prey, as long as you have ammo to fire with.

Ammo will run out quickly, and with no free tonnage for reloads- it's wise to keep an eye on how many shells you have before committing to an engagement. Like the RAC5, you must be sure to avoid jamming the UAC5's, or your weapons will be locked for a painful 9 seconds. EOptics mean you can technically utilize all 860m of the UAC5's range, but it will rarely be an opportunity except for punishing inattentive mechs holding still, or fleeing enemies with low armor.

Variant B

Mounting three Extended Range Medium Lasers and a NARC with one Free Ton NARC ammo, this is the Clan version of the Hawkmoth F, although with more sustained damage output. The Donar B's NARC has a maximum range of 700m, requiring it to take the risk of being fired upon in order to paint targets. However, it can fire its lasers on the target while doing so, and achieving NARC lock may be easier than holding a TAG laser steady for some pilots. 3 DHS should take care of the heat generation.

Variant C - "HEADON"

Long-range scout and skirmisher capable of kiting and frustrating enemies

Variant D

The Donar D sports two Small Pulse Lasers which are reasonably heat-efficient on their own - but the true power of this chassis rests in the two racks of High Explosive ATM6. While locked missiles allow you to maneuver while firing, careful attention should be made to maintain an angle to where each salvo will arc to their target. This variant has excellent anti-vtol capabilities, and is excellent at mutilating lone light and mediums in a hurry- making it both a proficient anti-back-capper and back-capper as well.

Variant E

Three weapon systems in almost the same range, two SRM6, a Heavy Medium Laser and two Heavy Small Lasers, but only three DHS. Care should be taken not only for the Heat Build-up but the FaceTime needed for the Lasers. This could almost constitute Kiting as an action to lay waste of your prey. Just be certain of your surroundings and strike from the rear.

Variant F

This variant's three Standard ATM-3 launchers can be utilized to keep damage output up even during evasive maneuvers with their tracking and generous range. The EOptics enables a zoom of 2.5x for spotting/reporting to your team, but also allows for pinpoint accuracy when focusing damaged components with your Laser. GECM makes the F stealthy.

Variant G

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The combination of two Air LBX AutoCannons2s and four Heavy Machine Guns make this a devastating foe to both enemy Aerospace and Tanks especially, but can easily damage light and medium mechs alike. It's respectable damage output and forgiving range makes it a favorite of both novice and veteran VTOL pilots.


The Donar is a Clan VTOL added with the release of MWLL 0.6.0.


Donar was designed as a fast attack unit capable of providing long-range fire support. Operated by two pilots - gunman in front and a pilot/navigator in the back, the Donar was heavily armored for it's class. 3 tons of ferro-fibrous armor protect the hull very well, though the rotor cannot mount enough armor to ensure it's survivability for hits above 40mm caliber guns. Weapons of the Donar are synchronized with the helmet allowing the gunner to pick up targets quickly and efficiently. Donars are used both as front-line cavalry VTOL or as scouts.

Notable Pilots: Poplug - MERC, Juffos - MERC

Date Introduced 3017 during the Era known as "Late Succession War - LosTech" (2901 - 3019) - Unit Role: Striker

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