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Class: Tank
Faction Clan
Ticket cost: 7 upon destruction
Tier: 9
Tonnage: 60 tons

66 km/h

Turret rotation: 360°
Turret pitch: -5° to +45°
Variant Armament
Variant Weapons Equipment
Price: 67 900 CBills
Total base armor: 44 544
Price: 75 400 CBills
Total base armor: 40 128
Price: 69 100 CBills
Total base armor: 35 712
Price: 67 000 CBills
Total base armor: 40 128
Price: 70 100 CBills
Total base armor: 37 920
Price: 76 750 CBills
Total base armor: 40 128
Price: 72 000 CBills
Total base armor: 35 712
Price: 65 200 CBills
Total base armor: 30 260
Armor Points Distribution

The Oro is a Clan main battle tank build to maintain one big gun along with secondary and support weapons. It has well-rounded armor, though very large turret, taking nearly entire top part of the tank, make it very vulnerable to the enemy fire, being one of the most risky tanks to take. Price-wise it's between Medium and Heavy Mechs, packing slightly more weapons than Mediums for the cost of much less armor (half of what some of Medium Mechs take) and lower speed. Most of its variants are similar to the Shadow Cat variants, though it carries more support weaponry.

Roles and Gameplay Hints


A medium-to-short range brawler, the Oro Prime is usually found as generic support. However, its LBX20 is great for close range, and its array of lasers can add additional firepower to bear quickly and accurately. Additional ammunition lets it stay long on the battlefield while good heat management make it useful even on most hot maps.

Variant A

This long range variant is surprisingly efficient. Enhanced optics allows it to find targets in passive mode, delivering its Gauss Rifle round and PPC with great accuracy. It keeps its signature 2 Small Beam Lasers, which do an adequate job of Anti-BA support. It's capable of staying long on the battlefield, and even if the Gauss ammunition is depleted, it's still a formable opponent.

Variant B

Variant B is similar to the Prime, but geared more for midrange combat. The variant's primary weapon is a CUAC20, which offers extreme firepower at short to medium range, backed up with a CERLBL for long range damage. Two CERSBLs offer minor close range damage. This variant is very effective against mechs and tanks, but suffers against airborne units and BA. Two tons of ammunition for the UAC20 offers good staying power.

Variant C

Variant C tries to sandpaper armor off targets. With an LBX20 and an LBX10, it delivers quite a close range punch. Also best used as a support to heavy mechs, this is one very dangerous variant by itself. It trades its twin CERSBL for flamers for added capability of crippling the opponent. It's relatively low price makes and strong weaponry it an attractive early alternative choice.

Variant D

New to the Oro variant arsenal, the D excels in mid to long range combat with it's pairing of a heavy laser and gauss rifle. An extra ton for gauss ammo helps keep the Oro on the field for a decent amount of time. The variant also uses 2 machine guns to help ward off battle armors. There are some draw backs however. Even with 5 double heat sinks, the CHLL still generate significant heat which will force pilots to choose the timing of shots carefully.

Variant E

The Oro E is a excellent long range support tank, able to use its E optics to accurately aim and fire its two CERPPCs which pack a wallop for anyone who gets hit by them. This variant also runs pretty cool thanks to its 7DHS. This tank also can make good use of its small profile and dark color on night maps, being able to hide out in the open on a dark map like marshes or on a map with plenty of hiding places for the oro to hide in with its small profile and peak out to shoot. If this tank does get shot its durable enough to shrug off the hit and fire back or run back to cover. If any Ba happen to try and shoot at it this variant still keeps its trademark two small CERSBLs for defense. As a added bonus of being energy weapon based it doesn't need to return for ammo, allowing it to keep watch over key areas for extended periods of time.

Variant F

Focusing on ranged support, the Oro F uses it's CERLBL and HAG20 to wear down arms and components. Two UAC2 back the main weapons up with additional harassement and Anti-BA duties. Three spare tons of ammo space give it decent combat longevity, though the HAG will eat through spare racks quickly. This variant suffers from a long engagement times however, and must rely heavily on it's teammates for cover when enemies get close.

Variant G

A fearsome short to medium range brawler, the G brings a UAC10 to the battle. Any foes who close with it will find themselves much worse off, as they will then have to deal with massive cockpit shake and splash damage from the ATM12 (HE). Two tons of ammo rack space leave pilots with a choice between keeping two ammo hungry weapons stocked. While fearsome, this variant has two full tons less armor than the Prime, so pilots need to exercise some caution.


The Oro is a 60 ton Heavy Tank designed by Clan Steel Viper as a counter to Clan Snow Raven's airpower. Its LBX20 was a fearsome weapon against any Aerospace that would come in range, though it was also very suitable for anti-Mech duty thanks to ability to shoot regular rounds instead of cluster. The cost of mounting such a big gun was great, and the Oro takes barely 10 rounds of ammunition total. Still, its CLPL and CERMBL provides firepower independent of ammunition. Typical of Clan tanks, it is less armored than comparable Inner Sphere units - only 5.5 tons of Ferro-Fibrous armor, with a relatively low top speed of 65 km/h.
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