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Huit spin.gif
Class: Tank
Faction Clan
Ticket cost: 8 upon destruction
Tier: 12
Tonnage: 85 tons

40 km/h (47 km/h with boost)

Turret rotation: 360°
Turret pitch: -5° to +90°
Variant Armament
Variant Weapons Equipment
Price: 95 800 CBills
Total armor: 33 296
Engine: Engine 170 I.C.E.
Price: 92 700 CBills
Total armor: 35 504
Engine: Engine 170 I.C.E.
Price: 89 700 CBills
Total armor: 39 920
Engine: Engine 170 I.C.E.
Price: 94 800 CBills
Total armor: 35 504
Engine: Engine 170 I.C.E.
Price: 91 000 CBills
Total armor: 44 336
Engine: Engine 170 I.C.E.
Price: 110 000 CBills
Total armor: 48 759
Engine: Engine 170 I.C.E.
Price: 100 600 CBills
Total armor: 39 920
Engine: Engine 170 I.C.E.
Price: 99 300 CBills
Total armor: 35 504
Engine: Engine 170 I.C.E.
Armor Points Distribution

All stats current as of release 0.16.1

The Huit (short form of Huitzilopochtli, also called Huey) is a Clan fire support tank. It is one of 3 tanks capable of bearing the ArrowIV launchers along with additional heavy weaponry.

A unique feature of the Huit is that its missile launchers, often the paired Arrow IV launchers, are mounted static on the tank chassis, not on the rotating turret like for all weapons on any other tank. This gives both advantage and disadvantage. One is that tank driver needs to watch where the launchers are pointing in order to avoid hitting rocks or trees -- or friendlies. On the other hand it offers a unique possibility to hit targets behind cover, by arcing the missiles around obstacles.

The greatest weakness of all the Huit is its low armor, comparable to the Partisan rather than other, more heavily armored tanks. This forces a Huit pilot to avoid any danger, even more so as a Huit's top speed is on the low end of the spectrum.

Roles and Gameplay Hints


The Huit Prime is a Clan Arrow IV platform. GECM makes it difficult to locate and lock on to the Huit Prime. But this protection is meager as the Prime's ArrowIV missiles leave a considerable smoke trail allowing observant enemies to home in on the Prime's location. Its 2 PDSs, two MGs, two CMPLs and single cUAC5 help defend the Prime from Aerospace and enemy Battle Armor. This meager armament is able to deal with most light tanks and mechs, but as the Prime is the most poorly armored Huit, it struggles to defend itself against anything more substantial. Pilots are advised to dedicate all four of the Prime's free tons to ArrowIV missiles as pilots should avoid getting the Prime into any kind of situation where an extra ton of UAC5 ammo would be necessary.

Variant A

Another Clan Arrow IV missile support with limited AA capability. The A is a better choice against long-range targets when compared to the Huit Prime. Twin LBX2 and twin cERLL give it some punch against airborne targets and give the A modest defense against lightly armored targets that come in close. 4 Free tons of additional ammunition make it capable of moving further from supply lines while using its Arrow IV launchers. 12 HS give it good sustained fire capabilities with its ArrowIVs when fired alone, although, when it comes to double-Arrow Huits, in terms of sheer DPS, the A is out-shined by the Prime.

Variant B - "Anaconda"


The "Anaconda", a famous CLPL variant known for its high damage output at long range. This variant puts out the most heat out of all the huit variants and it also the 1 out of 3 huit variant that doesn't mount ArrowIVs. This variant mounts a impressive array of 3 CLPLs and single cGauss backed up by 22 Standard Heat Sinks makes this variant a deadly long range support unit, being able to lay down a deadly stream of laser fire onto a target. However, being one of the slowest units in MWLL and one of the more expensive assets leads to very few cases where this unit is seen and that issue is compounded by the light armor of the tank make it a high risk choice.

Variant C - "Force of Nature"

Force of Nature.jpg

The "Force of Nature", somewhat resembles the Puma C in its laser loadout of 6 CERML. That said, the Force of Nature is an Arrow boat with two Arrow IV launchers. Compared to the Anaconda, the Force of Nature is much less capable at managing heat. The Force of Nature is limited 2 Tons of spare ammunition which makes it dependent on APC or bases with ammo to stay supplied. This variant best works using chainfire for both its lasers and ArrowIV missiles, allowing it to better control heat.
Remember: you can always Dumb-Fire the ArrowIVs out to 4000m and they will travel to a point directly over the targeting reticule.

Variant D

Geared more towards direct fire support it provides a heavy long range punch with its two cERPPC that are backed up with two cUAC5s. This huit variant also still carries single Cluster ArrowIV launcher to provide extreme long-range fire power provided there is a NARC or TAG up for it, watch out, even though the D's cluster Arrows don't disable NARCs, its ERPPCs do. This huit has to be careful with its heat as only 13 Heat Sinks struggle to keep the heat down from the arrows and cERPPCs. Between the D's lack of enhanced radar, its low speed, and high price few pilots chose to pilot it. The D must take care so that it is not left behind if the front line gets pushed back towards it. Four free tons give the D substantial longevity, pilots are recommended to take two tons for its UAC5s and two tons for the ArrowIV.

Variant E - "Black Beard MK-VI"

Nicknamed the "Black Beard MK-VI" the Huit E is a jack of all trades. A single HAG40 and cERPPC provide long range firepower that are strangely also the Black Beard's only brawling weapons. The Black Beard's primary damage comes in the form of three ATM6s. Unfortunately, with only 2 Free tons of ammo for the HAG40, the Black Beard can't afford to keep a resupply for its ammo-hungry missiles. The Huit's low-to-the-ground stature and extremely limited mobility make it easy for enemies to avoid the Black Beard's ATMs and close in past their minimum range. To offset this weakness, the Black Beard comes with GECM, more armor than any other Huit, and has a TAG laser that gives it the ability to flick its missiles much more easily and the ability to fire its ATMs without first acquiring a missile lock. Unlike other Huits, that can rotate their chassis to make their missiles into an indirect fire weapon, the Black Beard has some of its ATMs mounted on the turret. The Black Beard instead relies on its TAG to accomplish this indirect effect. When it comes to Anti Aircraft duties, the Black Beard is less effective than most other Huits. The HAG is modestly effective, and the Black Beard's Point Defense System provides some deterrence to both aircraft and Battle Armor. Although it's a very short window of time, enemy aircraft that are flying away from the Black Beard can be somewhat more easily hit by the ATM6s, making up the majority of the Black Beard's AA damage.

Variant F - "The Senate"

The Senate is a multi-role DPS juggernaut. To this end, it packs a full 8 CUAC2s backed with with 8 Free Tons of ammo. Slow assets will find themselves racing for cover regardless if they are in close-range or at The Senate's maximum range of 1250m. The Senate is unique among Huits in that it is able to bring 100% of its firepower out to extreme long-range, other Huits divide their damage between multiple range brackets and lead times. Dedicated Missile boats face an uphill battle against The Senate. Even if The Senate is out field of view and the Missile Boat attempts indirect fire, The Senate protects its allies and itself from NARCs with AECM and from all other missiles with its two LAMS. Despite having 1250m of range, The Senate struggles to deal consistent damage against aircraft at extreme long-range. Aircraft that come in close for an attack run, on the other hand, will suffer greatly if then Senate notices them soon enough. The Senate is an effective ground-based deterrence against the 'Evil Eye' Hawkmoth and other long-ranged VTOLs.

Variant G

The G, with its duo of cGauss rifles and single Cluster Arrow IV, is a heavy firesupport asset with an excellent AA presence, both able to eliminate targets with very high burst damage or harass them with a hail of missiles. Two cMPLs help in dealing with enemy Battle Armor should allies let them get too close, but won't help much against enemy brawlers, as it doesn't have armor nor firepower to survive a sustained engagement. The G's low DPS lends it to sniping and poking roles that generally require a modicum of stealth. The lack of any electronics means the G can struggle to walk the fine line between battlefield awareness or stealthy operation (To be stealthy the G must go passive radar, but doing so effectively leaves it blind).


The Huit B was found to be overpowered in the first beta version of MWLL, leading to an 11 page forum thread, "BALANCE: Huit tank far too powerful for cost", along with several others. Some players decided to use Huit B in protest all the time, making them the most common tanks on some maps, most notably Marshes where it could keep constant fire for nearly a minute while standing in water. The problem was solved in Beta 0.1.0 by decreasing its heat efficiency and increasing price.


The Huitzilopochtli Assault Tank is an 85 ton artillery platform. Better known as Huey, this tank is too slow to move across distances on its own, instead being transported by Drop Ship, but the weapons it carries are most impressive. Arrow IV launchers can be packed with TAG-guided missiles, area-effect or FASCAM submunitions dropping mines on the battlefield. For close range defense it has turret-mounted Medium Pulse Lasers and ER Small Lasers with additional side-mounted MGuns giving it overwhelming firepower against the troops or Battle Armors. For defense against vehicles the Huey carries UAC5. An ECM suite makes it harder to engage a Huitzilopochtli, though it's not enough to hide it entirely from the enemy sensors. A low five and a half tons of armor force it however to stay behind the lines.

Hueys were used first time by the Clan Jade Falcon during invasion on Coventry, though they are manufactured by other Clans as well.

Date Introduced 2845 during the Era known as "Early Succession War" (2781 - 2900) - Unit Role: Missile Boat

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