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Class: Tank
Faction Clan
Ticket cost: 3 upon destruction
Tier: 5
Tonnage: 40 tons

86 km/h

Turret rotation: 360°
Turret pitch: -5° to +75°
Variant Armament
Variant Weapons Equipment
Price: 48 400 CBills
Total base armor: 25 279
Price: 42 400 CBills
Total base armor: 25 279
Price: 53 100 CBills
Total base armor: 25 279
Price: 51 900 CBills
Total base armor: 25 279
Price: 47 500 CBills
Total base armor: 25 279
Price: 53 800 CBills
Total base armor: 25 279
Price: 49 600 CBills
Total base armor: 27 199
Price: 45 400 CBills
Total base armor: 27 199
Armor Points Distribution

The Ares is a Clan Tank, and was among the last assets to be incorporated into MWLL in the 0.7.0 patch. Due to engine limitations, its model contains some modifications that distinguish it from its BattleTech inspiration; missile launchers have been re-factored to fit the MWLL models, the cockpit has been moved from the front of the hull to the turret, and lastly the tracks have been remodeled to avoid ground collision issues.

The Ares was the first Medium Tank added into MWLL.

Roles and Gameplay Hints


A long range missile support unit, the Ares Prime mounts a Clan ER Large laser for pinpoint ranged fire. Two LRM15 make up the majority of this asset's damage. Able to pin down hostiles with hails of missiles every four seconds, this asset does best against heavy, slow moving assets. While it's four heatsinks can deal with the heat of the occasional burst from the CERLBL and missiles, it doesn't carry any extra reloads.

Variant A

A generic long range support asset, the A keeps the CERLBL of the Prime, and trades the LRM15 launchers for a single LRM5, and two UAC2's. A trio of machine guns can provide extra damage and annoyance to enemy hovercraft and air units. While one of the first assets available to new pilots, this asset is best used while joining a battle in progress. The LRM5 can annoy slower assets, or overload their LAMS. The machine guns and UAC2's provide constant, frustrating damage as well.

Variant B

Cousin to the E, the B is a short to mid range support tank. The main weapon is a CHLL, bringing heavy damage with accurate fire. Two CSSRM6 back up the Heavy laser at shorter ranges. Especially effective in cooler climates, 4 heat sinks bring some relief to the heat load of the Heavy Large laser, but trigger discipline will still be required. With an energy weapon as it's main firepower, and two free tons of reload space for the Streak launchers, B can stay in the fight longer than the E.

Variant C

Similar to the D, this is a longer range support asset. However, the C deals more damage but less focused. Two ATM6 (Std) deal the majority of this asset's damage, and a CERPPC brings more direct firepower. While exceptionally deadly to distracted lighter assets, pilots should be wary of anything that can quickly close the distance as the PPC is the only short range weapon this variant has, and it runs hot. The C is best used in conjunction with it's teammates to soften or finish slower or distracted hostiles.

Variant D

Focusing on precision mid to long range support, or light anti aircraft duties, the D fields a CLPL backed up with two UAC5. The D can quickly exploit holes in enemy armor to deadly effect. While dangerous at range, this variant has a long engagement time on it's own. Pilots are advised to use the Ares native speed to their advantage when enemies close. That being said, already damaged enemies can be in for a surprise when a weakened arm, or better yet, weakened torso section is suddenly breached by a pilot with steady aim.

Variant E

Sometimes known as the "Pocket Assault" the E is another short to mid range brawler. Two SRM6 bring a hail of cockpit shake to the enemy, allowing it to land hits with it's UAC10. While it can bring brutal damage to lights, it is best used against mediums and lighter heavies. Faster, lighter enemies can prove problematic in open terrain as both the SRMs and UAC10 can be difficult to lead effectively. A GECM suite helps it give a nasty surprise to foes, and a spare ton of reload space is usually reserved for the UAC10.

Variant F

An even longer ranged cousin to the A, the F focuses on extreme range support. The CERLBL is the shortest range weapon, strange in a Clan asset. A ATM12 (ER) brings punishing splash damage to any hostile within 1250 meters. Two CLBX2 provide additional splash damage to anything at the same range. While it may be tempting for new Clan pilots to rush to this asset, it is best used when the dezgra Spheroids attempt to use their cursed ELRMS and HVAC to stay at extreme range.

Variant G

Similar to an Uller E, this variant is a short range brawler. It's main weapon is a LBX10. While it can reach out to hostiles at 750 M, pilots are advised to let their teammates deal with ranged foes and close as there are no spare tons for reloads. The LBX is supported by an ATM6 (HE) for knocking enemy pilots off balance, and three cSPL for exploiting any holes punched by the LBX10. A half ton extra armor than the Prime help it staying in a brawl alive.


The 40 ton Ares was used mostly as an escort unit for APCs and transports in Clan Wolf and Clan Coyote, being deployed also to the garrison forces since the Refusal War in 3057. Its three-man crew is protected by 4.5 tons of Ferro-Fibrous armor spread nearly equally around the hull, being quite unusual as most of tanks tend to trade rear armor for better protection up front. The tank commander sits in the bulletproof cockpit while the rest of the crew relies on cameras and periscopes to monitor the tank's surrounding environment.

The tank's primary weapon is a single turret-mounted ER Large Beam Laser, giving it respectable direct-fire capability. Two Artemis IV-enhanced LRM launchers - one LRM15 and one LRM10 - provide indirect fire against targets obstructed from view.

BattleTech Reference