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NARC, or Narc Missile Beacon, is a missile homing beacon that guides friendly missiles to the target.


Upon striking the target vehicle, NARC acts as a missile guidance beacon for 25 seconds. While the NARC missile itself does no damage, when successfully "stuck" to a target, the NARC will begin broadcasting; in-range friendly vehicles will receive a notification that a NARC is active, and any friendly guidable missiles will automatically home in on the beacon once they get within 1000 meters of the beacon, provided they were launched with active radar. NARC beacons will also override a TAG laser if both are active at once. While relying on allies for NARCed targets is often an effective tactic, especially when allies are coordinating well, sometimes Self-NARCing may be necessary.

NARC missiles are very bulky, sharply limiting the number of extra NARC missiles a vehicle can carry.

Weapon Stats

Weapon Min Range Max Range Lock On
Lock On
Damage/Shot Speed
Ammo cost
NARC --- 500m 500m 1.4s 25s 1000m --- 400 60 20 6 1500
CNARC 700m 700m
iNARC 900m 900m 2000
All stats are current as of release 0.14.10

Gameplay & Hints

There's two major ways to counter NARCs:

1. NARC beacons can not succesfuly broadcast from units under the protection of an AECM field, and every beacon fired at such a unit will not be able to activate. Already active beacons that come under the influence of a hostile AECM will deactivate and stop broadcasting until they leave the field again or their timer runs out.

2. Any EMP effect from LGBs or PPCs (of all sizes) will remove NARCs, as long as the EMP splash reaches the core of the NARCed unit (Mech center torso, Tank Hull, etc). With this it is possible to remove a NARC from a friendly unit, or from yourself, by firing a PPC to near environment (wall for example) or direcly to component. Just hitting mechs foot won't usually help, because the EMP splash won't reach the CT.


NARC Missile Beacon

Causing quite a stir when it was introduced in 2587, the Narc system offered a radically different way of improve missile target acquisition. The culmination of project TATTLETALE by the Terran Hegemony, the Narc launcher fires a short-range missile whose explosive warhead was replaced with a special Homing Pod mounted behind a magnetic head. These pods broadcast a wide-range electromagnetic beacon, one which can be tracked by SRMs and LRMs whose guidance systems have been modified to home in on the signal. The end result is vastly improved accuracy against targets marked with a Narc beacon.

BattleTech reference


The following assets equip NARCs:

Asset Type Faction Tons (c)NARC iNARC
Commando F Mech IS 25 X
Locust IIC B Mech CL 25 X
Cougar C Mech CL 35 X
Raven Prime Mech IS 35 X
Raven D Mech IS 35 X
Chimera G Mech IS 40 X
Shadowcat D Mech CL 45 X
Blacklanner D Mech CL 55 X
Argus Prime Mech IS 60 X
Cauldronborn B Mech CL 65 X
Loki A Mech CL 65 X
Avatar E Mech IS 70 X
Thanatos B Mech IS 75 X
Masakari F Mech CL 85 X
Atlas E Mech IS 100 X
Kodiak E Mech CL 100 X
Harasser C Vehicle IS 25 X
Hephaestus C Vehicle CL 30 X
Mars A Vehicle CL 100 X
Mars F Vehicle CL 100 X
Donar B VTOL CL 25 X
Hawkmoth F VTOL IS 25 X
SparrowHawk D ASF IS 30 X
Sulla C ASF CL 45 X
Corsair B ASF IS 50 X
Corsair H ASF IS 50 X
Shiva F ASF IS 85 X
All stats are current as of release 0.14.10