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Epona spin.gif
Class: Hovercraft
Faction Clan
Ticket cost: 6 upon destruction
Tier: 6
Tonnage: 50 tons

99 km/h (149 km/h with boost)

Turret rotation: 360°
Turret pitch: -10° to +70°
Variant Armament
Variant Weapons Equipment
Price: 59 100 CBills
Total armor: 22 997
Engine: Fusion 215
Price: 55 700 CBills
Total armor: 22 997
Engine: Fusion 215
Price: 61 300 CBills
Total armor: 22 997
Engine: Fusion 215
Price: 56 300 CBills
Total armor: 22 997
Engine: Fusion 215
Price: 61 300 CBills
Total armor: 22 997
Engine: Fusion 215
Price: 64 200 CBills
Total armor: 22 997
Engine: Fusion 215
Price: 63 000 CBills
Total armor: 22 997
Engine: Fusion 215
Price: 58 300 CBills
Total armor: 22 997
Engine: Fusion 215
Armor Points Distribution

All stats current as of release 0.15.3

The Epona features extreme mobility, even more so then the other Hovercraft, and relatively good armor for a vehicle of its size, giving a good pilot immense staying power. All variants have a high damage output, usually consisting of many small sized weapons combined. As the name "pursuit tank" suggests, it is near impossible to flee from an Epona that is set to destroy a wounded target. By the same token, this unit can easily flee a target if the battle seems to be turning south in favor of the enemy being attacked. Care must be taken when driving over uneven hilly ground to ensure that the craft stay upright. Unlike the Hephaestus, its turret is largely compact, without any of the weapons sticking significantly far enough out of it to provide a good tool for flipping oneself upright.

Roles and Gameplay Hints

Its main disadvantages include the rather weak turret armor that gives a good marksman the possibility to destroy the Epona through a component that it can't really protect or hide, and the bad performance in a direct stand-up firefight with similar priced assets, where it lacks the raw burst damage most other assets have. The Epona thrives in being able to circle around an enemy, disallowing any return fire unless the unit can get turned around to face the unit; because of this, this can be exploited by destroying the turret, hampering the typical tactic used.


The Epona prime is a classic hit and run hover craft that mounts enough firepower and ammo to the already well armored chassis to allow it hunt down and kill any already wounded enemy or inflict enough damage before it has to retreat that the enemy unit can be killed easily or force them to go back to base. In order to do its job as a hunter the Epona mounts 4 CMPLs backed up by a CSSRM4 as a secondary weapon.

Variant A

The Epona A is a mobile LRM platform allowing it to easily sit on a hill, fire a volley, and slip behind cover before an enemy barrage hits it. Two free tons for ammo allow this variant field longevity, provided the pilot is careful and maintains distance to the target. While equipped with the normal Epona speed, this variant especially must be careful that it doesn't flip as the smaller LRM box turret leaves it nearly impossible to right itself. As with all vehicle-mounted LRMs, the Epona A's LRMs arc upward rather than immediately and only forward like those models mounted on Clan mechs.

Variant B

The Epona B is a bit of a odd load out. Mainly meant for long range it mounts a CERPPC and LRM5.. Using its CERPPC to strike at long range and dashing behind cover to cool down or hide from return fire is able to strike quickly. Its four CERSL spell death for any battle armor that chooses to pick on this variant, and give it some self defense from other assets.

Variant C

The Epona C sports a single CLBX10 and CERMBL, both with max ranges of 700m. This variant is a solid middle-range asset with reasonable anti-air capabilities. The CLBX10 and its high speed are useful in this regard. The Enhanced Optics for zeroing in on your prey along with one Free Ton of ammo for the CLBX10 helps to make it a formidable foe on the battlefield.

Variant D

The Epona D is an agile fire-support asset with medium- to long-range capabilities. Pilots are advised to keep the Epona D at a range of 120-750m. Ideally around 600-700m. In brawling range, the Epona D is only able to fire its single cLPL because the D's pair of ATM6 (Std) have a minimum range. Thanks to the D's hover chassis and stealthy electronics in the form of GECM, it can easily crest a hill or mountain, lock on, fire its ATMs, probably get two shots off with its LPL, and fade before receiving much return fire.

Variant E

A long to extreme range variant, the E's main weapon is a HAG20. Four MG give it harassment potential against air units and enemy hovercraft, as well as BA repellent. The HAG is backed up by a LRM10, providing harassment against anything in range. While it packs an additional ton of ammo bin space, it has to rely on it's speed if anything gets close.

Variant F - "Stinger"

The Epona F is an in your face, short ranged, powerful machine that can really bring on the hurt. Its speed, GECM and EOptics see to that. Four CSPL and One ATM12(HE) give it precision and substantial firepower to anything that gets in it's way. Remember after 9 salvos your missiles run dry. Working in a Lance or Back Capping is ideal for this unit.

Variant G

The G main armarment is the powerful Clan Ultra AutoCannon 10 that can pound holes in armor with high burst damage and overall impressive DPS. The Four Heavy machine Guns can whittle away armor at an alarming rate but only within close proximity of your target. GECM and the Epona's speed should make it easy to dart in, do your damage and flee to safety, only to repeat again and again. Make sure to fill the 2 tons of storage with extra ammunition to feed the hungry UAC10; while the Epona is fast and nimble, its speed is wasted having to return base to buy forgotten ammo. The G is the least expensive unit.


The Epona is a Clan Hovercraft released with the Beta 0.5.6 update. It is a very agile hovercraft that sports heavy weaponry and good armor for a vehicle of its size. Like the other hovercraft it has a '6th gear' that raises its maximum speed to impressive 150km/h, sacrificing the turning rate.


The Epona Pursuit Tank is a 50 ton Omni Hovercraft very unique to Clans, build on heaviest chassis possible for combat hover. It's prime configuration is build around very strong attack potential - 4 Medium Pulse Lasers supported by SSRM4 launcher and 6 heat sinks give it massive hitting power for it's weight, though the armor is relatively weak for a 50 ton vehicle - barely 5 tons of protection. Still though as an hovercraft Epona rarely has to relay on every single ton of it's armor - cursing speed of 97km/h with flanking speed of 150km/h allow it to outrun almost any opponent. Epona was used by most elite warriors as a frontline unit deployed exclusively by the Clan Hell's Horses.

Notable Pilots - BloodRaven - MERC

Date Introduced 2884 during the Era known as "Early Succession War" (2781 - 2900) - Unit Role: Striker

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