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The Kodiak is a canceled Clan Assault Mech. A released render features a torso-mounted SRM launcher, 8 ER Medium Beam Lasers,a Large Beam Laser and the UAC20. It did not make it in time to be released before the final beta 0.7.0


Unique for Clan Ghost Bear, the Kodiak was a fast second-line Assault Mech created mostly for medium range combat. Torso-mounted weapons, the SSRM6 and the UAC20 provide close-range fire, although they lack ammunition for longer fights. Above the hands one can find four ER Medium Beam Lasers mounted like claws which with addition of the Large Laser below the engine can provide long-lasting firepower over long-range.

By the time of Clans invasion Kodiaks weren't common 'Mechs, often serving as command units for assault groups.

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