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Kodiak spin.gif
Kodiak new.png
Class: Assault Mech
Faction: Clan
Ticket cost: 16 upon destruction
Tier: 15
Tonnage: 100 tons
Speed: 65 km/h (91 km/h with MASC)
Torso yaw: 260°
Torso pitch: -35° to +50° while standing.
-35° to +60° while crouching.
Variant Armament
Variant Weapons Equipment
Price: 128 700 CBills
Total armor: 85 734
Engine Size: 400 XL
Price: 131 200 CBills
Total armor: 85 734
Engine Size: 400 XL
Price: 119 500 CBills
Total armor: 85 734
Engine Size: 400 XL
Price: 134 500 CBills
Total armor: 85 734
Engine Size: 400 XL
Price: 122 000 CBills
Total armor: 85 734
Engine Size: 400 XL
Price: 135 700 CBills
Total armor: 85 734
Engine Size: 400 XL
Price: 133 900 CBills
Total armor: 85 734
Engine Size: 400 XL
Price: 128 600 CBills
Total armor: 92 105
Engine Size: 400 XL
Armor Points Distribution

All stats current as of release 0.16.1

Kodiak is jump-capable Clan Assault Mech. A fast moving assault ’Mech, the Kodiak was originally designed by Clan Ghost Bear as a second-line equivalent to the Gladiator OmniMech. While the Kodiak does not go to the extremes of other Totem ’Mechs such as the Thunder Stallion or Mandrill, it nevertheless represents the epitome of Ghost Bear thinking: mostly defensive but capable of surprising speed and a devastating attack when launched. The primary focus of the Kodiak is its 400-rated extralight engine, which allows the one-hundred-ton monster to exceed speeds of sixty kilometers an hour.

Roles and Gameplay Hints

Almost all variants run rather hot on their weapons alone, with jump jets added to the mix, if the pilot lacks proper Heat management skills they're in for some serious trouble. Overheating and having your weapons dissabled, or even worse, shutting down in the middle of a battle, is a recipe for a disaster.


THE Kodiak, Prime is the mech you want to be either near when brawl breaks out, or as far away as possible, depending on your team. Because cUAC20 and cDSRM4 cannot be ignored in any close range firefight, as well as rather terrifying reputation of Kodiaks will make Prime high priority target. 6 cERML are not backup weapon either, as they deal almost 2/3 of damage in Alpha Strike scenario. Standard jump Jets offer worse mobility than improved ones, but they are sure to become handy in plenty of situations, like dodging bombs, artilery shells or disrupting aim.
Big disadvantage is heat, as 9 DHS are barely able to handle Lasers alone, with other weapons and JJ, strict Heat management is essential. 2 free tons are not good enough for prolonged engagements, as both Autocanon and Dual SRM are ammo hungry and will chew through its onboard supply fast. Range might be problem on extremely open maps, but 700m range of Clan ER Medium Lasers offer some leeway with medium range skirmishes, as well as making life worse for heavy and assault ASF when they are picking their target, which will likely be the Prime itself.

Variant A - "Nemesis"

More specialised CQC variant of Kodiak, with 4 cMPL's, LBX20 and DSSRM6 it encourages more of an assasin-like playstyle than UNGA SMASH of Prime. But with basic trigger discipline, 7 double heat sinks are suficient to keep the mech from overheating and iJJ give it awesome mobility that will be usefull when taking out targets. 1 extra ton of LBX and 2 extra tons of Streaks will keep you decently supplied in the field. You are more likely to RTB for repairs than reloads.
Good pick if you have plenty of cover to close the distance to atlast 450m and to hide behind and wait for reloads, when dealing with Hovercrafts, nimbler Tanks or pesky Bombers, but not as great at spearheading attacks like Prime.

Variant B

B must stand for budget, the Kodiak B is the cheapest Kodiak. The B is a competent jump sniper, and with its not terrible top speed the B can function as a skirmisher or poke mech. A quartet of cUAC5 have the same burst damage as UAC20, but with higher rate of fire, faster projectile speed and much longer range of 800m, backed by duo of cLPL's B can start distributing maximum hurt at respectable range. The B has no free tons, because of this players will need to be especially mindful of remaining ammo. Frequent retreats to resupply can leave one's team outnumbered or outtonned. Players should plan ahead either by placing an easily accessible APC or operate close to bases that have ammo.

Variant C

The C is your bear if skirmishing is the way to go, or perhaps enemy assault ASF's are polluting the skies. HAG20, cGauss, CERPPC and CERLL makes it pack quite a punch at 900m out to 1200 for the HAG, but care needs to be taken as each weapon system have different projectile speeds, thus alpha strike is useful ONLY if enemy is charging you in a straight line. Leading weapons individually is necessary. 7 Double heatsinks are barely enough to keep you from overheating, as clan energy weapons run rather hot. Two free tons, 1 each for the Ballistic weapons. Standard JJ provide an additional mobility bonus, for example when dodging bombs and Artillery, to get to better sniping spots, or just to spice things up in a brawl.

Variant D - "The Ripper"

The Kodiak D has the shortest effective weapons range of any Kodiak. The Three ATM6 (HE) and Single ATM3 (HE) provides continous screen shake due to there staggered launching patterns. Rather strict heat discipline is necessary, especially when using its Improved Jump Jets and MASC in the middle of a brawl. The payoff can be huge, however, since propelling the D skyward can be an effective tactic for denying enemy fire for a few short seconds while the D's weapons recycle. Nine DHS allow the D to use MASC indefinitely while traversing on most maps while GECM covers your tracks. Eight HMG will inflict damage at range or close quarters.

Variant E - "Harbinger"

Note that while there are variants capable of way more fire power and mobility, this unit's worth consists of mainly high end electronic warfare package. If you go in relying on its firepower alone you are certainly in for a bad surprise.
Speaking of equipment this unit has it all - C3, GECM, BHP, TAG, Clan NARC & EOptics. Aside of that, all weapons present are of long range variety, the triple CLRM20 and the duo CERML - even the NARC launcher reaches further than the inner sphere standard counter part.
However, having no aniti missile system and/or AECM nearby means this unit is both more visible on enemy radar due to its C3 radar chain equipment and more likely to attract attention of the mean prying eyes sitting in the second line, with Extreme Long Ranged Missiles and Arrows. Utmost care is to be taken not to be caught off guard and in the open field.
The money printing capability of the C3 radar chain will be strongly augmented by the occasional LRM20 or CERML array opening shot or finishing blow. Care is to be excreted not to overtax its 6 DHS by too zealous use of the weapons in the heat of a battle.

Note: This asset has both C3 and GECM, meaning there is no benefit to using passive radar except when covered by allied AECM.

Variant F - "Tyrant"

Jack of all trades, master of 75% of it, Tyrant can do it all. With 8 cERSL you can brawl as it gives you 1600 alpha damage with very short reload speed, for anyone who dares to get too close. cLRM20 with their manageable minimum range of 10m and max lock on range of 1000m, plenty of opportunities for screen shake and extra damage. HAG40 deals damage equal to 2 LBX20 shots, with range of 1200m. This array of weapons will allow you to terrorize 90% of all assets, all the time being a serious threat and not just some minor inconvenience. But that's not all, improved Jump Jets and Guardian ECM means you can expand your reign of terror hidden and from unexpected places. Choice of what to fill your 3 free tons with depends on situation. If there is plenty of cover for your victims to hide behind it's a viable choice to take 3 tons of HAG ammo. If there are opportunities to use both LRM and HAG i's worth taking 2 HAG and 1 LRM, as this option gives you 18 reloads for HAG and 18 reloads for LRM.
6 DHS are barely enough to keep you from overheating from all your weapons alone, heat management is necessary in CQC. Another drawback being that dedicated assets will have higher damage output. OG brawlers have higher DPS in close range. Mid-range skirmishers, if they stay out of cERSL 450m range, will outdamage you easily. But, overall, a solid choice for any situation, be it pushing points, ambushes or long range support, Tyrant has the tools for it.

Variant G

This Kodiak G is primarily a brawler with limited long-range poking and sniping capabilities and as much armor as a Daishi. The G's real strength lies in a unique flexibility between staring to maximize screenshake, or twisting to maximize damage spreading. To facilitate this flexibility, pilots are recommended to assign four weapon groups. Coming in at 900m is the G's first weapon group: A single cERPPC that can be used for poking. At 700m is the G's second weapon group: A single cLBX10. Together the ERPPC and LBX10 have a modest poking capacity that are augmented by the G's iJJs. At 350m, are the weapons that give the G its flexibility and define it as a brawler more than anything else: six cSRM2s and one cDSRM6. No other asset in the game has this many individual missile launchers. In order to switch between the stare/twist fire methods, the pilot can either press the chain fire button on the fly, or can have a second dedicated weapon group for chain firing. In order to avoid overheating the G must be careful of its iJJ and ERPPC use when in close combat. With only five DHS the G can run a little hot and these two pieces of equipment affect the G's heat the most.


Old Kodiak model

Kodiak was a canceled unit for a long time.

A released render features a torso-mounted SRM launcher, 8 ER Medium Lasers,a Large Laser and the UAC20.

It did not make it in time to be released before the final beta 0.7.0. The reconstucted Kodiak was released by new development team in version 0.12.0


Unique for Clan Ghost Bear, the Kodiak was a fast second-line Assault Mech created mostly for medium range combat. Torso-mounted weapons, the SSRM6 and the UAC20 provide close-range fire, although they lack ammunition for longer fights. Above the hands one can find four ER Medium Beam Lasers mounted like claws which with addition of the Large Laser below the engine can provide long-lasting firepower over long-range. By the time of Clans invasion Kodiaks weren't common 'Mechs, often serving as command units for assault groups.

Date Introduced 3001 during the Era known as "Late Succession War - LosTech" (2901 - 3019) - Unit Role: Brawler

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