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Particle Projection Cannons, most commonly referred to as PPCs, are the energy weapon equivalent of a Gauss rifle. Unlike Lasers, which fire energy beams, the PPC fires high-energy ion bolts.


PPC - Particle Projector Cannon (Std)

There are six different PPC weapons in MWLL varying in range, damage and heat output. In addition of damage done to hit component, the PPC bolts 'explode' in contact causing splash damage to all components inside the splash radius.

The "standard" PPC is only used by Inner Sphere units and the Extended Range version differs from it only by having longer range and slightly increased heat output. The Clan ERPPC has the same range as its Inner Sphere counterpart, but does about 35% more damage in exchange for almost 70% more heat.

The Heavy and Light PPC are only used by IS units. Heavy PPC has a slightly shorter range than the standard IS PPC, but is capable of dealing massive damage - twice that of a regular or Extended Range IS PPC. However, this is balanced out by the immense heat it generates, as well as having longer recharge time. The Light PPC is a smaller version of the standard PPC having a shorter 450 meter range while damage is about half of the PPC.

The BA PPC can be carried by any Battle Armor and is frequently used weapon of dedicated infantry players.

In addition to simply dealing damage, PPCs are capable of causing screen shake, making it possible to throw off the enemy's aim with well-timed shots. Generally the heavier the PPC, the more shake it causes. the PPC ion bolts also cause EMP effect, which can disable target's night vision, and also disable any attached NARC beacons. Because PPCs deal splash damage this EMP effect can be useful for disabling NARC beacons on yourself or friendly units by carefully applying the EMP splash to the NARCed unit, while dealing little other damage. NARC beacon will be disabled only if the splash damage reaches the Mech's center torso.

Weapon Stats

Weapon Max
Hit Damage/Shot Splash Damage/Shot Damage
Sec. Splash
Damage Type
Splash Radius
BA mPPC 540m 250 250 Energy 100 EMP 0.6m / 2m 8 85 1800 ---
LPPC 450m 110 110 130 0.8m / 2.5m 9.5 59 1870 80
PPC 720m 240 240 230 0.8m / 3m 7.5 94 1850 160
ERPPC 900m 280 101 1870 175
CERPPC 300 300 357 127 265
HPPC 650m 480 480 460 0.8m / 5m 5.5 138 1810 320
All stats are current as of release 0.14.10

Gameplay & Hints

  • Like with all weapons capable of causing screen shake, it's often advantageous to chain fire the PPCs
  • Although often not too useful against BAs jump jetting in the air, the PPCs can be effective against BA on the ground, where the large splash radius helps hitting them. Even if the BA survives the hit, its HUD will be disabled for some time, seriously hampering the ability to fight.


  • Compared to Gauss Rifles, the PPC bolts have slower speed (~1850 m/s vs. 2500 m/s) making it somewhat harder to hit fast moving targets like ASFs


  • The HPPC generates a lot of heat, if one's asset has a temperature much exceeding 350° C, it will overheat when the HPPC is fired. To avoid this, the pilot may use some coolant. Alternatively, if the asset has enough Heat Sinks, is on a cold map with high heat conductivity, or is standing in water, then overheating might not cause very much damage to its heat sinks and it may be prudent to save the coolant for another time.


  • The BA PPC is a dedicated infantry weapon, meaning that it cannot be taken inside any vehicle other than an APC.
  • Because the weapon recoil throws the battle armor back when it is fired, it can double as a means of faster travel by jumping up and firing in the direction opposite of the intended direction of travel.


The first PPC was introduced by the Terran Hegemony in 2460 and quickly became a favorite "Big Gun" of many 'Mechs. Although they had targeting difficulties under 90 meters, since the particle fields were deliberately inhibited at such short ranges to avoid accidental damage to the firing unit as a result of unfocused static discharge. Because of their range, punch, and lack of dependency of ammunition they quickly became a favorite of lighter 'Mechs which couldn't fit a heavier Gauss Rifle or AC20.

By 2760 the Terran Hegemony had improved upon the design, releasing the ER PPC. In addition to having an improved range this weapon also solved the minimum range problem, making it just as effective under 90 meters as it was at longer distances. Unfortunately this came at a cost of higher heat, producing 50% more than the already hot-running PPC. Debuting just 7 years before Stefan Amaris launched his coup on the Star League, like most advanced weapons the ER PPC was lost during the Succession Wars which would follow (in 2860) although the Clans would refine and improve on the design, eventually having it replace the standard PPC completely in 2820.

The Draconis Combine managed to retrieve the knowledge to produce ER PPC's from the Helm Core, reintroducing them to the Inner Sphere in 3037, just in time for the war of 3039. By the time of the Clan Invasion ER PPC had spread to the other Successor States as well and was in broad production with Ceres Arms, Defiance Industries, and Johnston Industries being the chief producers.

More recently the Draconis Combine has introduced several new PPC variants (all in 3067). The Heavy PPC has the range of a standard PPC, but manages to match the damage dealt by the Clan ER PPC. This unfortunately also comes with the heat increase and also results in a heavier, more bulky weapon. The Light PPC is a move in the opposite direction, making the standard PPC lighter and more compact, resulting in a cooler running if less powerful weapon. Finally there is the Snub Nosed PPC, which originated as a Star League-era experiment to "overcharge" a standard PPC in order to gain the same power from a reduced weapon size. The result was a weapon which lost effect over range and lost much of its reach, however it had a much improved minimum range envelope.

Unlike MWLL, canon PPC's are not an EMP weapon, amounting to little more than a burst of static which harms enemy units through kinetic and thermal stressing.

BattleTech reference


The following assets equip PPCs:

Asset Type Faction Tons LPPC PPC HPPC (c)ERPPC
Commando B Mech IS 25 1
Commando E Mech IS 25 2
Solitaire E Mech CL 25 1
Anubis C Mech IS 30 2
Anubis D Mech IS 30 2
Anubis G Mech IS 30 1
Osiris C Mech IS 30 1
Osiris G Mech IS 30 1
Uller D Mech CL 30 1
Cougar B Mech CL 35 1
Puma Prime Mech CL 35 2
Puma A Mech CL 35 1
Raven C Mech IS 35 1
Chimera A Mech IS 40 1
Chimera B Mech IS 40 2
Chimera C Mech IS 40 1
HollanderII F Mech IS 45 1
Shadowcat C Mech CL 45 1
Shadowcat G Mech CL 45 1
Hellhound F Mech CL 50 1
Uziel Prime Mech IS 50 2
Blacklanner A Mech CL 55 1
Bushwacker F Mech IS 55 1
Bushwacker G Mech IS 55 1
Stormcrow D Mech CL 55 1
Argus B Mech IS 60 1
Argus D Mech IS 60 1
Rifleman F Mech IS 60 2
Vulture B Mech CL 60 1
Vulture F Mech CL 60 1
Catapult A Mech IS 65 2
Cauldronborn D Mech CL 65 1
Loki Prime Mech CL 65 2
Loki F Mech CL 65 1
Avatar A Mech IS 70 2
Avatar F Mech IS 70 1
Avatar G Mech IS 70 2
Novacat Prime Mech CL 70 2
Novacat E Mech CL 70 2
Novacat F Mech CL 70 2
Novacat G Mech CL 70 2
Thor Prime Mech CL 70 1
Thor E Mech CL 70 2
Warhammer Prime Mech IS 70 2
Warhammer C Mech IS 70 4
Warhammer G Mech IS 70 2
Madcat A Mech CL 75 2
Madcat E Mech CL 75 2
Marauder Prime Mech IS 75 2
Marauder B Mech IS 75 2
Marauder D Mech IS 75 4 1
Thanatos C Mech IS 75 3
Thanatos E Mech IS 75 1
Awesome Prime Mech IS 80 3
Awesome C Mech IS 80 4
Awesome E Mech IS 80 2
Awesome G Mech IS 80 2
Masakari Prime Mech CL 85 4
Bloodasp G Mech CL 90 2
MadCatMKII F Mech CL 90 2
Mauler A Mech IS 90 1
Mauler B Mech IS 90 2
Mauler D Mech IS 90 2
Mauler E Mech IS 90 1
Sunder A Mech IS 90 2
Sunder B Mech IS 90 1
Sunder D Mech IS 90 2
Sunder E Mech IS 90 4
Archangel Prime Mech IS 100 1
Archangel A Mech IS 100 1
Archangel B Mech IS 100 2 1
Atlas Prime Mech IS 100 2
Atlas B Mech IS 100 2
Atlas C Mech IS 100 1
Daishi B Mech CL 100 2
Daishi C Mech CL 100 2
Fafnir G Mech IS 100 2 2 2
Kodiak C Mech CL 100 1
Kodiak G Mech CL 100 1
Harasser F Vehicle IS 25 4
Mithras A Vehicle CL 25 1
Chevalier A Vehicle IS 35 1
Chevalier G Vehicle IS 35 1
Ares C Vehicle CL 40 1
Goblin D Vehicle IS 45 2
Goblin G Vehicle IS 45 3
Regulator E Vehicle IS 45 1
Epona B Vehicle CL 50 1
Oro A Vehicle CL 60 1
Oro E Vehicle CL 60 1
Rommel E Vehicle IS 65 1
Rommel G Vehicle IS 65 1
Shoden F Vehicle CL 70 1
Demolisher E Vehicle IS 80 1
Morrigu C Vehicle CL 80 3
Schrek Prime Vehicle IS 80 3
Schrek C Vehicle IS 80 6
Schrek F Vehicle IS 80 2 1
Huitzilopochtli D Vehicle CL 85 2
Huitzilopochtli E Vehicle CL 85 1
Behemoth C Vehicle IS 100 2
Behemoth D Vehicle IS 100 2
Mars E Vehicle CL 100 1
Hawkmoth D VTOL IS 25 2
SparrowHawk F ASF IS 30 1
Avar E ASF CL 35 1
Sulla Prime ASF CL 45 1
Sulla H ASF CL 45 1
Corsair F ASF IS 50 2
Visigoth D ASF CL 60 2
Visigoth G ASF CL 60 1
Rusalka Prime ASF IS 65 1
Rusalka B ASF IS 65 2
Rusalka D ASF IS 65 1
Rusalka G ASF IS 65 2
Shiva C ASF IS 85 2
Shiva D ASF IS 85 3
Xerxes C ASF CL 85 2
All stats are current as of release 0.14.10