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Long Tom Artillery is the largest conventional tube artillery piece in MW:LL. It is mounted on the Mobile Long Tom Artillary Tank.


The Long Tom Artillery Cannon fires its shells in an indirect arc, dropping them down on top of enemy units with devastating dffects and enormous splash radius up to 45 meters (see table below for more details). Direct hit from LT shell is almost certain death for light assets, and if you happen to be within the splash radius then a trip to the nearest repair bay might be the best option.

Artillery is the use of war devices that can far exceed the range of conventional personal and BattleMech weapons, and is primarily used to support an additional force. Due to the highly explosive nature of artillery, most artillery weapons cause not only substantial primary damage, but also secondary damage to adjacent areas, that is to say Mass Bombardment.

Note: Suspension Kick and smoke launchers don't work unless the Longtom is deployed.

Weapon Stats

Weapon Max Range Dmg Drop
Splash Damage/Shot Damage
Sec. Splash
Damage Type
Splash Radius
Ammo cost
Long Tom (Std range) 2250m --- 1425 Missile 1425 Energy 34m / 40m 7.5 358 300 300 8 2400
Long Tom (Short range) 1500m 200
Long Tom (Long range) 3000m 400
All stats are current as of release 0.14.10


The Long Tom Artillery Piece is the largest conventional artillery piece designed by Armstrong Industries. It is the primary weapon of the LT-MOB-25 Mobile Long Tom Artillery vehicle, which is better known as the Mobile Long Tom. It was also the primary heavy artillery unit of the first Star League Defense Force. Date Introduced 2603 during the Era known as "Star League" (2571 - 2780) - Unit Role: Artillery Support

BattleTech reference


The following Inner Sphere assets equip Long Tom:

Asset Type Faction Tons
LongTomTank Pr Vehicle IS 95
LongTomTank A Vehicle IS 95
LongTomTank B Vehicle IS 95
All stats are current as of release 0.14.10