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Long Range Missiles, or LRMs, are long range support weapons capable locking onto targets and of indirect fire when supported by NARC or TAG systems to direct the missiles.

See: ELRMs for Extended Long Range Missiles.


A Bushwacker firing an LRM15.

Although individually the missiles from an LRM launcher don't deal much damage, taken as a whole salvo the combined firepower adds up quickly. Although LRM (IS and vehicle LRMs) and cLRM (Clan LRM) are statistically identical, cLRM mounted on mechs are actually direct fire missiles in contrast to vehicular and non-clan LRMs launching-arc behavior. The non-vehicular clan assets with CLRMs are thus more effective for brawling and direct firing at targets, which however, comes at a cost - CLRMs are easier dodged by cover. The LRMs on the other side are launched at an angle upward, preventing them to reliably hit targets closer than 175m, even thou warheads activate after 100m of flight, but allowing them to traverse the battlefield at a higher altitude and more effectively score hits on targets behind considerably high obstacles.

The weapon's long range and ability to be fired indirectly from safe location (with the aid of NARC or TAG) makes LRMs popular support weapons in MWLL.

Weapon Stats

Weapon Min Range Max Range Lock On
Lock On
Splash Damage/Shot Damage
Sec. Splash
Damage Type
Splash Radius
Max Speed
Ammo cost
LRM5 ~175m ~1365m 1000m 1.8s 5 x 87 Missile 5 x 87 Frag 1m / 3m 13.1 97 175 38 180 850
LRM10 2s 10 x 87 10 x 87 9.9 147 75
LRM15 2.3s 15 x 87 15 x 87 8.7 193 113
LRM20 2.5s 20 x 87 20 x 87 7.6 226 150
CLRM5 10m ~1400m 1000m 1.85s 5 x 87 Missile 5 x 87 Frag 1m / 3m 13.1 97 185 38 180 850
CLRM10 2s 10 x 87 10 x 87 9.9 147 75
CLRM15 15 x 87 15 x 87 8.7 193 113
CLRM20 20 x 87 20 x 87 7.6 226 150
Air LRM5 100m 1520m 1000m 1s 5 x 86* Missile 5 x 86* Frag 1m / 3m 7.2 53 175 44 180 250
Air LRM10 14.1 103
Air LRM15 20 146
Air LRM20 25.3 185
*All Air LRMs launch five missiles per shot All stats are current as of release 0.14.10

Gameplay & Hints

There are three important things to keep in mind about LRM weapons.

  • The missiles only have modest maneuverability and can have difficulty striking fast-moving targets.
  • Like all missile weapons, if the target is protected by an LAMS, fewer (or in the case of the smaller launchers, none) of the missiles will manage to reach the target.
  • Because the missiles arc into the air upon launch it can be very difficult to hit targets at shorter range. This makes Long Range Missiles best used against less maneuverable targets and fired off in the largest groupings possible to help saturate any AMS defenses.

LRM Launchers and Indirect Fire

The arcing trajectory of LRM launchers (IS and vehicle LRMs) makes them ideal for indirect fire support, with the launching unit protected by a wall or ridge. In order to work, however, the launching unit(s) require the aid of a spotter equipped with either TAG or NARC. With the spotter designating targets the LRM's can be fired in the direction of the target and will attempt to home in on the marked unit. One very important thing to keep in mind is that the LRM launching units must be operating under Active Radar in order for their missiles to track the marked unit.


Long Range Missiles were developed for range rather than punch and were first introduced in the early 2300's by the Terran Hegemony. They are typically deployed in five tube groups, up to twenty tubes in a single launcher, although Clan ProtoMechs make use of smaller numbers of tubes. Standard LRM's proved to be quite versatile, capable of indirect fire support missions and were easily upgraded with Artemis IV FCS, enhancing the the accuracy of the missiles, and could even accept a variety of special munitions.

Clan LRM launchers are both lighter and more compact than their Inner Sphere counterparts. In addition, the Clan launchers lack the ballistic launch angles of Inner Sphere LRM racks, making them much more accurate at short range.

BattleTech reference


The following assets equip LRMs:

Asset Type Faction Tons (c)LRM5 (c)LRM10 (c)LRM15 (c)LRM20 Air LRM10 Air LRM15 Air LRM20
Anubis Prime Mech IS 30 2
Osiris G Mech IS 30 1
Uller G Mech CL 30 2
Cougar Prime Mech CL 35 2
Cougar A Mech CL 35 1
Cougar C Mech CL 35 2
Owens Prime Mech IS 35 3
Chimera G Mech IS 40 1
Shadowcat D Mech CL 45 1
Hellhound C Mech CL 50 3
Uziel F Mech IS 50 3
Blacklanner Prime Mech CL 55 1
Blacklanner A Mech CL 55 2
Blacklanner D Mech CL 55 1
Bushwacker Prime Mech IS 55 2
Stormcrow A Mech CL 55 1
Stormcrow G Mech CL 55 2
Argus Prime Mech IS 60 1
Argus F Mech IS 60 3
Vulture Prime Mech CL 60 2
Vulture C Mech CL 60 1 2
Vulture G Mech CL 60 2
Catapult Prime Mech IS 65 4
Cauldronborn Prime Mech CL 65 1
Cauldronborn B Mech CL 65 2
Cauldronborn D Mech CL 65 2
Loki A Mech CL 65 1
Loki F Mech CL 65 2
Avatar F Mech IS 70 2
Avatar G Mech IS 70 2
Novacat F Mech CL 70 4
Thor Prime Mech CL 70 3
Warhammer E Mech IS 70 1
Madcat Prime Mech CL 75 2
Madcat D Mech CL 75 2
Thanatos F Mech IS 75 1
Thanatos G Mech IS 75 1
Awesome A Mech IS 80 1
Awesome F Mech IS 80 3
Masakari Prime Mech CL 85 1
Masakari D Mech CL 85 1
Masakari F Mech CL 85 6
Masakari G Mech CL 85 1
Bloodasp G Mech CL 90 1
MadCatMKII Prime Mech CL 90 2
MadCatMKII G Mech CL 90 2
Mauler Prime Mech IS 90 2
Mauler A Mech IS 90 2
Mauler B Mech IS 90 2
Mauler G Mech IS 90 2
Sunder B Mech IS 90 1
Atlas Prime Mech IS 100 2
Atlas D Mech IS 100 2
Atlas E Mech IS 100 2
Daishi Prime Mech CL 100 1
Daishi E Mech CL 100 2
Kodiak E Mech CL 100 3
Kodiak F Mech CL 100 1
Harasser A Vehicle IS 25 2
Hephaestus A Vehicle CL 30 1
Ares Prime Vehicle CL 40 2
Goblin D Vehicle IS 45 2
Epona A Vehicle CL 50 2
Epona B Vehicle CL 50 1
Epona E Vehicle CL 50 1
Rommel G Vehicle IS 65 3
Shoden A Vehicle CL 70 3
Morrigu Prime Vehicle CL 80 2
Schrek D Vehicle IS 80 2
Behemoth Prime Vehicle IS 100 4
Behemoth C Vehicle IS 100 2
Mars Prime Vehicle CL 100 3
Mars F Vehicle CL 100 3
SparrowHawk D ASF IS 30 2
Avar C ASF CL 35 2
Sulla G ASF CL 45 2
Corsair G ASF IS 50 2
Visigoth F ASF CL 60 2
Rusalka Prime ASF IS 65 2
Rusalka E ASF IS 65 2
Shiva F ASF IS 85 2
Shiva G ASF IS 85 4
Xerxes A ASF CL 85 2 2
All stats are current as of release 0.14.10