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concept by: Ouch
concept by: Drakuba

The Anti-Battle Armor Pod (or B-Pod) is a single use explosive that detonates in two omnidirectional blasts with a range of 20 meters.
While easily ignored by any opposing mechs, the blast damages any nearby Battle Armor by 80% of it's armor and health.

Perfect for finishing off any lightly wounded Battle Armor dancing below your field of view.
Can be used once, can't have field reloads off spare free tons, gets replenished on repairs.


With battle armor designs growing in number and diversity on all sides, various factions attempted adaptation of the Anti-Infantry explosive A-Pods for use against battle armored-troops. Clan Wolf-in-Exile succeeded in 3068, followed shortly thereafter by the Jade Falcons. Now spreading throughout Inner Sphere and Clan technical circles (Spheroid makers include Skobel on Terra, Defiance of Furillo and IrTech), this defensive armament—available to BattleMechs and vehicles—works like A-Pods, but hurls a cloud of explosive bomblets rather than shrapnel to blast through the more hardened armor of swarming battlesuits.

BattleTech reference