Medium Range Missiles

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Medium Range Missiles, or MRMs for short, are a unique weapon system capable of saturating an area with unguided missiles.


Medium Range Missile rack launches shotgun-like burst of fast moving missiles and similar to SRMs, there's no guidance system. Unlike SRM systems, MRM short range effectiveness is significantly reduced by the 60 meter minimum range. While the damage dealt by individual missiles is slightly less than that of LRM's, and their unguided nature can make aiming more difficult, may give the impression of a sub-par weapon system MRMs make up for it through sheer weight of fire. Even the smallest MRM rack fires off 10 missiles at once and with so many missiles hitting, the enemy cockpit will be shaken quite violently.

Only Inner Sphere units have access to MRMs.

Weapon Stats

Weapon Min Range Max Range Splash Damage/Shot Damage
Sec. Splash
Damage Type
Splash Radius
Ammo cost
MRM10 60m 675m 10 x 82 Missile 10 x 82 Frag 1.5m / 5m 11.3 158 450 46 240 1050
MRM20 20 x 82 20 x 82 8.6 239 92
MRM30 30 x 82 30 x 82 7.3 307 138
MRM40 40 x 82 40 x 82 6.5 364 185
Air MRM10 60m 700m 10 x 82 Missile 10 x 82 Frag 1.5m / 5m 9.2 129 500 46 240 250
Air MRM20 20 x 82 20 x 82 8.6 239 92
Air MRM30 30 x 82 30 x 82 8 335 138
Air MRM40 40 x 82 40 x 82 7.5 418 185
All stats are current as of release 0.14.10

Gameplay & Hints

  • MRM tendency to spread when fired enables them to saturate an area, helping to ensure that at least some hits are scored and making the weapon especially effective against targets clustered together closely.
  • MRM can be tricky to use efficiently against fast moving targets, or when shooting moving targets near the maximum range.


DCMS engineers at Luthien Armor Works’ Shigunga Missiles Division unveiled their medium-range missile (MRM) launcher system in 3058. Basing their efforts on prototype “dead-fire” missiles under development at the time, MRMs were intended to deliver a less expensive, homegrown weapon aimed at saturation fire in the mid-range bracket. Eschewing targeting and guidance systems for smaller, unguided projectiles, the MRM system was essentially a giant step backward in terms of missile technology. Operating on the theory that quantity has a quality all its own, they managed to create launchers that would double the missile throw-weight of traditional Inner Sphere long-range missile launchers at the cost of accuracy and range. Initially the weapon was spurned as something for green cadets, however it has since caught on in regular military units among Successor States and mercenaries.

BattleTech reference


The following Inner Sphere assets equip MRMs:

Asset Type Faction Tons MRM10 MRM20 MRM30 MRM40 Air MRM10 Air MRM20 Air MRM30 Air MRM40
Commando D Mech IS 25 1
Owens E Mech IS 35 2
Raven E Mech IS 35 1
Chimera Prime Mech IS 40 1
Chimera C Mech IS 40 1
Uziel B Mech IS 50 3
Bushwacker C Mech IS 55 2
Argus C Mech IS 60 1
Catapult B Mech IS 65 2
Avatar E Mech IS 70 2
Warhammer F Mech IS 70 1
Marauder G Mech IS 75 2
Thanatos Prime Mech IS 75 1
Awesome D Mech IS 80 1
Mauler C Mech IS 90 1
Mauler D Mech IS 90 2
Sunder D Mech IS 90 1
Archangel C Mech IS 100 2
Atlas G Mech IS 100 2
Chevalier D Vehicle IS 35 1
Goblin B Vehicle IS 45 1
Goblin E Vehicle IS 45 2
Regulator C Vehicle IS 45 1
Demolisher D Vehicle IS 80 1
Demolisher F Vehicle IS 80 2
Partisan D Vehicle IS 80 1
Schrek C Vehicle IS 80 2
Behemoth B Vehicle IS 100 3
Hawkmoth A VTOL IS 25 2
SparrowHawk B ASF IS 30 2
Corsair D ASF IS 50 2
Rusalka D ASF IS 65 2
Shiva B ASF IS 85 2
All stats are current as of release 0.14.10