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Lasers are the most common Energy Weapon, and come in three distinct sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. Lasers are perfectly accurate and have no travel time, which means that you'll hit whatever you're aiming at as long as it's in range and you have line-of-sight. Lasers can be used effectively from 0m to their given range, but not beyond, as they end immediately at whatever range is stated.

Laser in MWLL are designated as follows:

Standard Lasers

  • Small Laser (SL)
  • Medium Laser (ML)
  • Large Laser (LL)

Extended Range Lasers

  • Extended Range Small Laser (ERSL)
  • Extended Range Medium Laser (ERML)
  • Extended Range Large Laser (ERLL)
  • Clan Extended Range Small Laser (CERSL)
  • Clan Extended Range Medium Laser (CERML)
  • Clan Extended Range Large Laser (CERLL)

Heavy Lasers

  • Heavy Small Laser (HSL)
  • Heavy Medium Laser (HML)
  • Heavy Large Laser (HLL)

Pulse Lasers

  • Small Pulse Laser (SPL)
  • Medium Pulse Laser (MPL)
  • Large Pulse Laser (LPL)
  • Clan Small Pulse Laser (CSPL)
  • Clan Medium Pulse Laser (CMPL)
  • Clan Large Pulse Laser (CLPL)

X-Pulse Lasers

  • Small X-Pulse Laser (SXPL)
  • Medium X-Pulse Laser (MXPL)
  • Large X-Pulse Laser (LXPL)


  • Target Acquisition Gear (TAG)