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Extended Range Lasers, or ERLs, are an upgraded version of Standard Lasers and have a marked range advantage compared all other laser weapons.


Extended Range Lasers effective at greater range than Standard Lasers, however they produce noticeably more heat. Like Standard Lasers and Heavy Lasers, ER Laser's deal damage over time, requiring the beam to be maintained on the target (or better, the same location on the target) for the duration of it's beam for maximum effect. Although generally superior to Standard Lasers, the additional heat load can cause problems for units which mount many energy weapons and especially in environments with a higher ambient temperature.

The Clan versions of ER Lasers's have slightly improved range and noticeably improved damage, but also produce significantly more waste heat.

Weapon Stats

Weapon Max
Beam Duration Hit Damage/Shot Damage
Speed Heat
ERSL 400m 0.5s 140 Energy 20 49 Hitscan 19
ERML 600m 260 13.3 61 47
ERLL 800m 560 10 98 115
CERSL 450m 0.5s 200 Energy 20 70 28
CERML 700m 400 13.3 94 75
CERLL 900m 700 10 123 177
Air ERSL 500m 0.5s 140 Energy-air 20 56 19
Air ERML 650m 280 13.3 75 47
Air CERSL 550m 0.5s 180 Energy-air 20 72 28
Air CERML 750m 400 13.3 107 75
All stats are current as of release 0.11.4

Gameplay & Hints

Extended Range Small and Medium Lasers

ER Small Lasers and ER Medium Lasers are still best used as short to mid-range weapons, focusing damage upon a single component, or raking across critically damaged sections. Unlike its Inner Sphere counterpart, the Clan ERML has the range to be used in medium- to intermediate-range engagements. The additional range and damage make for quite a significant boost in performance. Stricter trigger discipline is required with the ERML, as sustained firing (despite consistent, efficient damage for its mass) produces much higher heat loads. While units packing large groups of ERML are frightening to face, they produce an equally frightening amount of heat to be dissipated, and as such may only get one or two bursts off before nearing shutdown. Chain firing or non-standard weapon groupings can help mitigate this issue, however. Similar traits and pilot discipline correspond to both the IS and Clan ERSL, however to lower degrees due to their considerably lower heat and damage outputs.

Extended Range Large Laser

The ER Large Laser is best used in sniping positions, where a unit can more safely pick away at enemy units and is given more time to dissipate the intense heat generated when firing the weapon. It is worth noting that the Clan ERLL has damage similar to the AC20 and UAC10 but with much better range and at the cost of a much lower rate of fire. Because of the long duration of the beam these weapons are not very effective in close quarters against rapidly maneuvering targets. While the Inner Sphere ERLL lacks some of the range and punch of its Clan counterpart, it is more efficient heatwise and should not be underestimated. In contrast, few units can fire more than two CERLL at once due to the massive heat load generated, though this does not account for factors such as ambient temperature.


Newhart Industries located on New Earth in Terran Hegemony introduced the ERLBL in 2620. The ERLBL became the central focus of the HSR-200-D Hussar BattleMech released five years later, and the success of the 'Mech's blend of speed and its single powerful weapon entrenched Newhart Industries as one of the principle weapon manufacturers of the Terran Hegemony.

Although the Succession Wars would cause the Inner Sphere to lose the technology in 2950, the Clans applied the concept to other laser sizes and produced the ERMBL and ERSBL during the 2820's. Clan Smoke Jaguar would later also introduce he ER Micro Beam Laser in 3060 as part of their ProtoMech project, just before being annihilated in Operation Bulldog.

As with all lost Star League-era technology, plans for the ERLBL were recovered in the Inner Sphere with the discovery of the Helm Core and the weapon entered wide deployment in Inner Sphere forces first with the Draconis Combine in 3037. Later, after contact with the Clans, the Inner Sphere would also develop their own versions of the ERMBL and ERSBL, with the Free Worlds League releasing the first ones in 3058.

Clan ER Lasers have both improved range and deal more damage then the Inner Sphere versions of the weapons.

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The following assets equip ER Lasers:

Air (c)ERSL Air (c)ERML (c)ERSL (c)ERML (c)ERLL

  Inner Sphere


  Inner Sphere


  Inner Sphere


  Inner Sphere


  Inner Sphere


All lists are current as of release 0.11.4