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Energy Weapons are weapons that include numerous kinds of lasers, mundane conventional weapons like Flamers, and more exotic weapons like PPCs. Energy weapons differ from Ballistic and Missile weapons in that energy weapons do not utilize a solid projectile. Instead they discharge amplified light, concentrated blasts of ions or protons, or a combusting fuel.


  • Energy weapons do not need ammunition, which enables longer effective operating times in many circumstances.
  • With the exception of PPCs and Flamers, energy weapons offer pinpoint damage without projectile travel time and can accurately shoot any chosen part of an enemy in hands of capable pilot.
  • Flamers are effective weapons against BA, cause lots of heat-buildup in their targets, and provide a distraction.
  • Firing Pulse Lasers (but not X-Pulse Lasers) will occasionally fire an extra pulse. This is a known feature.


  • In order to deal the same amount of damage as other weapon types, Energy weapons produce much more heat. The longer the range of almost any given energy weapon, the more heat it generates.
  • Flamers don't deal much damage to ground assets (air assets take major damage from flamers, so long as the target is in range).

Energy Weapons in MWLL