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The Machine Gun or MGun/MG, is a rapid fire Ballistic Weapon. It is comparable to contemporary machine guns (with caliber less than 20mm, above it's AC2), simply upscaled to Mechwarrior standards. Its rapid fire and fast projectile movement speed makes it an effective counter to Battle Armor. However it does little damage against any other target, unless used en masse over a long period of time. With that being said do not dismiss the MG particularly while other weapons are reloading or are out of range. A smart pilot ensures that the MG's are tied to every weapon group, as hail of bullets against a heavy damaged opponent just may score you a kill or increase your C-Bills to the next rank.

Weapon Stats

All stats are current as of release 0.10.3
Weapon Max Range Dmg Drop
Dmg Drop
Damage/Shot Damage Type Shots/min Raw DPS Heat/Shot Cooldown
Ammo/ton Ammo cost
BA Light MG 600m --- --- 7 Kinetic 1000 (1200) 117 --- 1s 3s --- ---
BA Medium MG 317m 300m 1 17 Kinetic 583 (700) 165 --- 1s 3s
Machine Gun 1600m 300m 0.001 3.5 Light Kinetic 800 (1200) 47 0.003 4s 6s


It is worth noting that the MGun has no spin up time mechanic; it begins firing immediately.


The Machine Gun is the quintessential anti-infantry weapon, issuing a stream of bullets at a high rate of fire to cut down opposing soldiers, while still being effective at damaging BattleMechs. Vehicular-scale machine guns mounted on BattleMechs can lay low entire platoons in just a few passes thanks to their high rate of fire, though they are more commonly found on Combat Vehicles and ProtoMechs.

BattleTech reference


The following assets equip Machine Guns:

Mechs Vehicles VTOLs and Aeros
  Inner Sphere
  Inner Sphere
  Inner Sphere