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Rearming describes the process of refilling your vehicle's ballistic and missile weapons.
This can happen either from an outside source or from any additional tons of ammo your vehicle might carry.
For ammo prices see weapons.

Buying Ammo & Free Tons

To buy ammo, enter a buy zone and open the buy menu with Comma key and then select the Ammo tab. The tab will display all the compatible ammo for your current asset, along with the Autobuy button. You can choose whether to automatically reload all your weapons at once or whether to selectively reload.

If you purchase ammo when your weapons are already full, it will store one ton of this type of ammo instead of reloading. This only occurs if your asset has any free tons available.

You can also auto-purchase spare ammo for a specific weapon by first highlighting it using the arrow keys, then pressing the Period key. Once your weapons have depleted their ammo they will automatically rearm from the reserves you have stored in your free tons.

NOTE: Missile weapons of the same type but different size share the same ammo, while ballistic weapons do not.
An MRM20 would be able to reload from missiles that were bought for an MRM40, but an LBX20 would be unable to reload from ammo that was bought for an LBX10.

NOTE: Assets with Weapons that automatically come with only a half-ton of ammo, like LBX2, SRM2, and SSRM2, cannot purchase extra tons of ammo for these weapons and must return to a buy zone to rearm them.

NOTE: Coolant cannot be rearmed like weapons and can only be refilled during repairs.

Rearming Mechs and Tanks

Mechs and tanks can rearm from the following sources:
- From mech bays, for example inside a small hangar
- From an APC
- From repair pads in the Solaris Arena game mode and on a few custom maps

Rearming Aircraft

ASF can rearm from the following sources:
- From the runways in front of an ASF hangar, or the hangar itself
- From an APC, if the server allows this in its settings

Note that ASFs must land and come to a complete stop in order to reload their weapons and bombs.

Rearming VTOL

VTOL can rearm from the following sources:
- From a VTOL pad
- From runways
- From mech bays
- From an APC

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