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Overview & Gameplay

The Guardian ECM Suite (GECM) was notable for its discriminatory nature, able to scramble all hostile electronics within range while not affecting friendly communications and targeting enhancers.
The Guardian Electronic CounterMeasure Suite, or GECM, is an advanced electronic warfare suite that can be used to reduce the range at which enemy units can detect you on Radar, and can be mounted on both Mechs and Vehicles. In MWLL, this effect is represented by a unit's radar signature being reduced by 500 meters. This does not stack on top of a unit's reduced signature when in Passive Radar mode.

Regardless of GECM, the moment an asset overheats, they are equally visible to having no radar protection and running in Active Radar.

As of release 0.3.0, the GECM also increases the time it takes for an enemy to achieve target lock. This bonus does stack on top of the similar bonus given by running in Passive Radar mode.


GECM The Guardian ECM Suite, originally introduced in 2597, is a powerful electronic warfare device able to disrupt a wide variety of sensors and detection equipment while leaving friendly units unaffected. Unfortunately the complex system was too difficulty to for the Great Houses to maintain during the Succession Wars, and it went extinct in the Inner Sphere in the year 2845, until it was eventually recovered by the Capellan Confederation in 3045.

BattleTech reference ECM Suite

BattleTech reference Guardian_ECM Suite


The following Variants equip with GECM:

Clan Mechs Clan Vehicle Clan Aero IS Mechs IS Vehicle IS Aero