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SOptics zoom

Optics, often referred to as Standard Optics (SOptics) are a basic equipment implemented in all units that offers one level of zoom, activated with the [Z] key, much like a pair of binoculars.

This zoom level enables 2.0x magnification of the area around the reticle. There is a slight blurring feature around the peripheral of the screen when the zoom is active and the speed at which a zoomed asset can turn its torso or turret is reduced.

2.5x zoom of EOptics

Enhanced Optics

Enhanced Optics, or EOptics are an upgraded version of the standard optics found on all units in the game. They allow a second level of visual magnification available beyond Standard Optics, enabling a zoom of 2.5x, while retaining the 2.0x setting. When fully zoomed in, torso and turret traverse is further reduced compared to the 2.0x setting.

EOptics are useful for precision and long-distance aiming, as well as picking out targets from their surroundings that were otherwise undetectable by radar.