Stealth Armor

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Stealth Armor

Stealth armor reduces the asset's active radar signature to 300m (-700m from the default radar signature of 1000m). This is the best radar signature protection, for an asset in active radar mode, in the entire game. Even better than active radar protected by AECM. In also prevents enemy c3 from sharing the asset's radar signature and increases lock on time for enemy missiles, better than anything in the game except for Air GECM. It also offers the same amount of protection per ton as standard armor, however its one drawback is that the stealth armored asset loses its coolant flush system.

Using Passive Radar with stealth armor isn't very useful since a passive radar signature is 250m, only 50m better than active radar with stealth armor. Additionally Passive Radar lock on time for enemy missiles is actually shorter for Passive Radar than active stealth armor. Thankfully, passive stealth armor still blocks enemy c3 sharing.

Currently, only the Anubis and some variants of the Chevalier and Archangel have stealth armor. This allows the Anubis to be an excellent scout that can penetrate deep into enemy territory undetected or support strikes on enemy positions with impunity at range. It also allows the archangel and chevalier to avoid enemy Long Tom Artillery by staying out of the enemy C3 Network.


STEALTH ARMOR Introduced: 3063 (Capellan Confederation) Based on an effort to recover the long-lost Star League-era null signature system, the Capellan Confederation’s stealth armor technology is actually a complex system of heat baffles and layers of radar- and EM-absorbent materials that—while about as bulky as ferro-fibrous armor—provides the same physical protection as standard armor. Limited exclusively to BattleMechs, this system requires the use of a Guardian ECM suite to function, but when activated, the ’Mech becomes virtually invisible to hostile sensors and EW devices. Radical in form and design, stealth armor can undermine even the abilities of active probes, though this system also scrambles its user’s own targeting systems and traps a great deal of waste heat when active.

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