Player comment policy

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Player comments are intended to provide useful information about variants that isn't revealed by wiki fluff text or the statistics. To maintain certain level of quality in the comments, some guidelines should be followed.

General guidelines for comments

  • Try to keep the comment under 150 words. It's not a blog.
  • Avoid controversial value statements (e.g. "this asset is overpowered / useless")
  • Try to think in terms of strengths and weaknesses
  • Consider common tactical / strategic situations where you might use the asset
  • Consider effective ranges and roles
  • Provide insight on variant quirks like weapon placement and groupings, heat characteristics, potential battlefield niches and qualities that distinguish from similar assets
  • Don't repeat observations made in prior comments or in the asset overview, expound on specific exceptional experiences or speculate on how an asset might be made better
  • Don't use vulgarities
  • No mocking other commenters or comments

For editors

  • Add comment of the current game version number at the time of writing to ease determining obsolete comments in the future