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Night Vision (activated with the [i] key) is a vision supplement built into both Standard Optics and Eoptics. It acts in much the same way as modern-day military night vision goggles, and painting the terrain in grayish color spectrum. It makes terrain much more visible and navigation easier for the cost of lowered enemy detection, sometimes making it difficult to spot an opponent just few meters away.

Tactical advantage Night Vision mode gives though is the visual detection of enemy TAG lasers, which would otherwise be invisible to the player.

Night Vision gets disabled while target is affected by PPC hit, making it a great weapon during the night encounters. After the EMP effect wears off, Night Vision can be reengaged.


Until version 0.8.0, MWLL used the standard Crysis night vision mode. It painted the battlefield in an eerie green glow making the dark areas brighter. The primary disadvantage of this system was though that it was nearly impossible to target accurately an enemy while above 600 meters due to intense noise and scan-line effect.


A Night Vision Device or Night Vision Goggles is a common optical device used for both civilian and military roles. Also known as NVDs they can operate under a number of different principals but produce the same effect of allowing to see clearly in darkness. NVDs do have a number of disadvantages though: depth perception is reduced when looking through a NVD, and the ability to distinguish color requires attaching a sophisticated computer for interpretation, a feature normally not available for the average soldier or civilian

BattleTech reference