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The Inner Sphere's Thumper Artillery Piece is the smallest conventional artillery piece in MW:LL. While it can be used as Field Artillery weapon, the Thumper is perhaps best known for its use as a direct firing main gun.


Using the Thumper as an indirect artillery piece can be challenging as it lacks the Long Tom's targeting computer, and the shell explosion radius is smaller compared to the Long Tom counterpart.

Thumper projectiles arc toward there intended target so lining up your cross hairs on the target may cause the shell to drop short, in which case you'll have to aim above the target in-order for the shell to strike. The amount of arc is trial and error but with a little practice one can become proficient at devastating the enemy in a couple of shots, at the least you will remove much of their armor causing them to retreat. Thus taking them out of the fight and reducing their CBills having to repair and possibly keeping them from moving up to a larger variant.

Weapon Stats

Weapon Max Range Dmg Drop
Dmg Drop
Hit Damage/Shot Splash Damage/Shot Damage
Splash Radius Shots
Ammo cost
Thumper (Rommel) 13900m --- --- 1000 1000 Energy 10m 9 316 700 200 8 2400
Thumper (Behemoth) 6 210
Snub-Nose Thumper 1120m 350 250
All stats are current as of release 0.14.10

Gameplay & Hints

Thumper (Rommel Tank)

  • The Rommel needs to be at a complete stop and then must be deployed using (Left CTRL - Deploy/Un-Deploy) in order to fire.

This weapon can inflict massive amounts of damage on the target and its immediate surroundings and it doesn't require a great gunner due to the splash damage radius.

Snub-Nose Thumper (Marauder A) and (Schrek G)

  • The Magnum mounts the Artillery piece in a Dorsal Fin configuration and shares similar attributes of the Thumper minus the anchoring criteria of the Rommel. It has a slower fire rate and shell velocity as well.

When mounted on BattleMechs it provides artillery support at much closer ranges than its cousin. The Thumper Artillery Cannon fires a shell at an enemy location like an autocannon. Unlike an autocannon, the artillery cannon's targeted location isn't an enemy unit but a physical location (hill, tree, etc) due to it's high parabolic arc.

  • Although not as highly mounted as on the Marauder, the KV-2813 carries an identical Thumper Artillery Cannon.

Artillery is the use of war devices that can far exceed the range of conventional personal and BattleMech weapons, and is primarily used to support an additional force. Due to the highly explosive nature of artillery, most artillery weapons cause not only substantial primary damage, but also secondary damage to adjacent areas, that is to say Mass Bombardment.


Smub-Nose variant was added to the game in release 0.11.3


The Thumper Artillery Piece is the smallest conventional artillery piece with an effective range of 10.5 kilometers. While an effective Field Artillery weapon, the Thumper is perhaps best known for its use as the main gun on the SLDF's Thor Artillery Vehicle, as well as the Thor's knock-off the Thumper. It is later mounted on the Danai Support Vehicle and a variant of the Padilla Artillery Tank, as well as the Cloud Ten Airship Carrier and Schwerer Gustav FrankenMech.

Date Introduced 2734 during the Era known as "Star League" (2571 - 2780) - Unit Role: Artillery Support

BattleTech reference


The following Inner Sphere assets equip Thumpers:

Asset Type Faction Tons Thumper Snub‑Nose Thumper
Marauder A Mech IS 75 1
Rommel A Vehicle IS 65 1
Schrek G Vehicle IS 80 1
Behemoth E Vehicle IS 100 1
All stats are current as of release 0.14.10