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Heavy Lasers are the most powerful laser weapons in MWLL, sacrificing range for raw firepower.


Heavy Lasers are Clan weapons which deal more damage per shot than any other laser weapon. A Heavy Laser's beam fires for a noticeably longer time than Standard Lasers or Extended Range Lasers of similar rating, and like those weapons it deals damage over time requiring the beam to be maintained upon its target. Because of the long beam duration, it can be difficult to maintain fire on a single location on the target -- especially if it is actively evading.

In exchange for this high damage yield, Heavy Lasers sacrifice most everything else. Their range is lower than that of other Clan energy weapons and they produce quite a bit of waste heat which must be carefully managed to prevent overheating. This makes them best suited for short-range brawling units firing the weapons in carefully controlled volleys to manage their heat. Smart use of Coolant and taking advantage of any water to help deal with the heavy heat load is highly recommended.

There is a handheld version available for Battle Armor known as the Micro Heavy Laser. Although Heavy Lasers are exclusively Clan technology, even Inner Sphere Battle Armor can equip the BA mHL.

Weapon Stats

Weapon Max
Beam Duration Hit Damage/Shot Damage
Speed Heat
BA mHL 80m 1.5s 1349 Energy 8.6 203 Hitscan ---
HSL 200m 1.5s 420 Energy 11.4 84 46
HML 400m 720 9.2 117 106
HLL 600m 1500 7.1 186 331
Air HSL 400m 1.5s 420 Energy-air 11.4 96 46
Air HML 500m 720 9.2 133 106
Air HLL 650m 1500 7.1 212 298
All stats are current as of release 0.11.4

Gameplay & Hints


The most powerful Battle Armor weapon, the BA mHL is extremely range limited. This can be problematic when out in the open so it is best to only use on maps where there is ample cover to dodge behind, making it a good weapon choice in urban-like environments or when defending a base in Terrain Control matches. It is important to note that the BA mHL is a dedicated Battle Armor weapon, meaning that it cannot be taken on BattleMechs, VTOLs, Fighters, or Vehicles (excluding the APC).


The CHSL and CHML only have the range to be effective during short-range encounters. While they are impressively powerful for weapons their size the associated heat load can be problematic if the unit boasts more than a couple. It is best to avoid firing off too many in a single volley, so either break the weapons into separate groups or take advantage of the chain fire firing mode.


The CHLL produces more heat than any other weapon in the game. It also deals the highest damage of any Energy Weapon and as with all lasers can operate independent of ammunition supplies. The main drawback of the CHLL is that its range restricts it from being a truly effective sniper weapon, and the intense heat load can be dangerous even if fired conservatively. Still, units mounting even a single CHLL represent a significant threat to any enemy that crosses their path.


The Heavy Laser was introduced by Clan Star Adder in 3059, making use of a larger barrel, focusing crystals, and power feeds to produce a weapon capable of far higher damage. The lasers lost much of their range advantage (with ranges similar to that of Inner Sphere Standard Lasers) and had some targeting difficulties because of the weapon shielding reduction and a significant pre-charging period, however a Clan Medium Heavy Laser had the same punch as an Inner Sphere PPC at a fraction of the weight.

Although not particularly innovative, the weapon system, in addition to the Advanced Tactical Missiles introduced by Clan Coyote a few years earlier, are significant because they represent an end to the technological stagnation the Clans had settled into.

BattleTech reference


The following Clan assets equip Heavy Lasers:

All lists are current as of release 0.11.4