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Class: Tank
Faction Inner Sphere
Ticket cost: 4 upon destruction
Tier: {{{Tier}}}

63 km/h

Turret rotation: 360°
Turret pitch: -5° to +90°
Variant Armament
Variant Weapons Equipment
Price: 51 500 CBills
Total base armor: 24 399
Price: 50 500 CBills
Total base armor: 24 399
Price: 59 600 CBills
Total base armor: 24 399
Price: 52 600 CBills
Total base armor: 24 399
Price: 56 500 CBills
Total base armor: 31 760
Price: 40 500 CBills
Total base armor: 24 399
Price: 69 900 CBills
Total base armor: 31 760
Price: 53 900 CBills
Total base armor: 24 399

The Partisan is an Inner Sphere tank, specialized for anti-aircraft roles. It is lightly armored, but its weapons allow it to sit behind the main battle line to perform its main function. With great turret rotation range and equipment, it excels at taking down aircraft.

Roles and Gameplay Hints

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The Partisan Prime's light ACs allow it to rip into aircraft at fairly long range, and its enhanced optics and radar probe allow the driver to spot aircraft easily. It is also a fantastic BA killer: two hits will usually take one out. It can also be effective against other ground light assets, in part because its weapons outrange many other weapons.

Variant A

This variant carries weapons with shorter range than the others, but is very dangerous to hostile aircraft that wander to within about 600m. This tank shines at destroying light and medium Mechs: two shots of all cannons, if all projectiles connect, will destroy the rear armor of any of these Mechs. One particularly devious tactic is to drive in the path of an enemy Mech circling another in a brawl- this may stop it entirely, allowing you to get a good shot at a component as well as helping your teammate.

Variant B

This variant mounts 4 RAC2s, giving it a frightening rate of fire. It will devastate any BA that it encounters, and once in range can take down aircraft easily (there is a lot of spread, so it will burn through ammo quickly when firing at distant targets) as well as light Mechs. Its damage output is generally insufficient for larger targets, however.

Variant C

This is a simple missile boat, with no close combat abilities. Eoptics and BHP allow it to pick targets from a good distance. While more expensive than other early- to mid-game assets with ELRMs, it packs more punch and can carry some extra ammo.

Variant D

Nicknamed "Redbeard", the Partisan D lays down the hurt at close range. 2 UAC5s can chew up targets out to 800m, and lays down suppressive fire against lighter targets. The MRM30 functions as a versatile take-down weapon, able to dish out serious damage at close range in a shotgun-esque manner, or land blows on slow, immobile or oblivious targets out to 650m. The unit has 3 tons to spare, often carrying an extra ton of ammo for each of its weapons systems, as well as GECM to remain relatively hidden.

Variant E

The variant E, as the cheapest of all Partisans mounts 4 UAC2s. Those give it a high damage potential, only surpassed by the B variant, and the highest possible range for non-missile and non-artillery units. It also mounts 2 MGs as secondary weapons, that are best used to add additional firepower against air units, or as your main weapon against BA, as the UAC2s ammo is far to sparse for usage against them. Its greatest disadvantage is that the Ultra Autocannons are very ammo inefficient, and only 2 spare tons of ammo are not nearly enough to keep the Partisan supplied, so it can never stray far from a friendly base or APC.

Variant F

Variant G


Designed as a counterpart to Clan air superiority, Partisan was dedicated air defense tank. This 80 ton tank was deployed in 3057 as a first unit in Federated Commonwealth to incorporate C3 computer. This allowed tanks to concentrate firepower quickly and efficiently, while all tanks had best available targeting data, making an efficient mobile anti-air defense. In between many successes of these tanks one can count crippling the Blakist Triumph-class Troop Carrier of total weight 5,600 tons. Typical Partisan is armed with twin LBX10 and two AC2 which could take advantage of precision-guided or armor-piercing rounds. 4 spare tons of ammunition were devoted mostly to LBX rounds. Maximum speed of tank was 54 km/h, while it's armor protection reached 8 tons
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