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Class: Tank
Faction Inner Sphere
Ticket cost: 9 upon destruction
Tier: 11
Tonnage: 80 tons

57 km/h

Turret rotation: 360°
Turret pitch: -7° to +30°
Variant Armament
Variant Weapons Equipment
Price: 84 500 CBills
Total base armor: 48 720
Price: 78 300 CBills
Total base armor: 39 520
Price: 89 800 CBills
Total base armor: 48 720
Price: 82 000 CBills
Total base armor: 45 040
Price: 82 900 CBills
Total base armor: 48 720
Price: 90 300 CBills
Total base armor: 45 040
Price: 88 700 CBills
Total base armor: 48 720
Price: 97 000 CBills
Total base armor: 52 400
Armor Points Distribution

All stats current as of release 0.12.2

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The Demolisher is an Inner Sphere main battle tank. It is the most durable vehicle available, and all variants have plenty of free space for extra ammunition, giving it excellent staying power on the battlefield. All variants come with a duo hard-hitting weapons, allowing it to rip through the armor of any mech foolish enough to overlook it.

The Demolisher is known to have some maneuverability problems, notably it's difficult to stay still on a slope without constantly holding the brakes [x] or turn quickly while accelerating.

Roles and Gameplay Hints


The Demolisher Prime is potent frontline tank mixing high damage with lots of armor and nice pack of additional equipment. LAMS allows it to cover itself and nearby units from incoming enemy missiles, while GECM let it surprise the enemy, especially while performing the escort duty. Its dual AC20s are a force to be reckoned with, especially when set to chain fire as the heavy projectiles smash into opponents causing massive screenshake every second. As it can only reach out to 350m with its AC20s and moves at a slow 57 KPH, great care should be taken by using cover to close the distance to its prey.

Variant A

The A variant is best used as a sniper. It can be very hard to detect if running with Passive Radar, because its low profile and dark color allow it to blend in nicely with its surroundings, especially on maps such as TSA Marshes and TC Inferno. Eoptics allow it to snipe targets at maximum possible range. On some maps, the Demolisher A can also be used for anti-air duty, notably on TSA Sandblasted where while standing on the dune edge it can very efficiently aim at ASF flying above. With 2 tons of armor less than prime, pilot should be warry of enemy fire.

Variant B

This variant is quite similar to the prime, swapping out the AC20s for twin LBX20s which reach out to 450m, a hundred more than the prime. The rate of fire is less but does almost twice the damage in one volley and LBX modifiers against other tanks and unlucky ASFs. It also has GECM and LAMS for added surprise and missile protection. Tactics are similar to the prime, it is best used by following a brawler mech into battle, then crippling its opponent, which will more than likely choose the mech as the priority target. By staying out of the brawl, the Demolisher B can fire accurately at parts of the mech, making it more likely for teammate to survive.

Variant C

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The C, being the worst variant, is because its purely a missile support vehicle and is utterly ineffective without a teammate using TAG or NARC beacons to guide the terrifying extra long range Arrow IV missiles in. As they have a significant minimum range of about 500m, the Demolisher C pilot must keep the range open at all costs. But since taking Arrow IV is in almost all cases a bad idea, this demolisher should be skipped in 99% of cases.

Variant D - "BlueBeard"

The only Demolisher to equip AECM, the D is a teammates favorable tank companion allowing a lance to approach the enemy under the guise of only one radar blip, deceiving the enemy of your true combined power. It also provides friendly cover from NARCs . This variant isn't under-gunned either, for once it gets into range, the UAC20 and MRM30 can do a devastating amount of damage in just a few seconds.

Variant E - "Kraehenjaeger"

Mounting two of the heaviest weapons in the game being the IHGauss and the HPPC, the Demolisher E can strike targets up to 800m and 650m away respectively. Its EOptics allows pin-point precision, ripping extremities off in just one combined volley. Both weapons suffer from long recycle times, thus Mechwarriors piloting the E should take the time to make every shot hit. 3 free tons of ammo keep it engaged in battle for a good amount of time before having to return to base for more ammo. Careful tactical positioning should be considered as this variant lacks any protective equipment and has less armor than the Prime variant.

Variant F

Twin ERPPCs that reach out to 900m fill the main offensive roll of the long range optimized Demolisher F. Dual LRM10 launchers provide an additional 100m range to the ERPPCs setting this variant up as the second longest range Demolisher. It also swats incoming enemy missiles away with its dual LAMS. Using chain fire, one can keeping the enemy under a continual onslaught of PPC fire and LRMs while providing anti missile coverage to close by teammates. Watch the heat though for the 4 HS struggle with the hot running ERPPCs!

Variant G

This variant goes away from the Demolisher norm of having slow-firing weapons, and mounts a pair of high rate-of-fire RAC5s supported by twin SRM4s. The RAC5s will chew through ammo and overheat quickly, so care must be taken when firing them for sustained periods; however, they output a huge amount of damage if fired accurately and consistently. The high rate of fire also makes this tank strong against Battle Armor and light vehicles, which will suffer significant damage from RAC5s. The Demolisher G's protective equipment is extensive, mounting twin LAMS which effortlessly swat out all but the biggest incoming missile volleys and an extra ton of armor over the already heavily armored prime variant. GECM keeps it hidden from radar till it can close the range to maximize damage from its RAC5s.


Demolisher, also called the "Mech Slayer", was designed as a unit powerful enough to destroy any Mech it'd face, and it successfully earn it's reputation since 2803. Through the Succession Wars Demolishes served in various duties, from front-line combat to defense of a worlds that could not invest in BattleMech forces. Being most effective in urban environment the Demolishers earn their fame in between many during the Rim Worlds Republic assault on Draconis Combine world of Kessel, when four Demos destroyed two Rampage Assault-class Mechs, and scare off rest of two BattleMech lances.

80 ton Demolisher is armed only with two 185mm AC20 giving it immense firepower against heavy targets, though leaving defenseless against any infantry or light vehicles. Still though 10 tons of armor provide enough protection for allies to come in time with support. Maximum speed of 54 km/h and 4 tons of spare ammunition make it more than capable for leading longer battles.

Date Introduced 2823 during the Era known as "Early Succession War" (2781 - 2900) - Unit Role: Juggernaut

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