Hyper-Assault Gauss Rifle

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The Hyper-Assault Gauss Rifle (HAG) is a high rate of fire, low damage per shot variation of the Gauss Rifle used by the Clans. The technology is based on a series of capacitors and launching tubes to fire a multitude of smaller-caliber Gauss slugs.


With a long reach of 1200m, solid kinetic damage DPS and low waste heat, the Hyper-Assault Gauss is a versatile weapon system that performs well in many combat situations. The HAG comes in 3 sizes (20, 30, and 40) each having the same ammo cost per ton. Projectile spread increases the further out the target is, and up close HAG is capable of outputting impressive pinpoint damage.

Contrary to other similar weapons, the weapon bar (usually indicating weapon heat) represents the charge level of the capacitor bank. Larger HAGs have more capacitors in the bank and thus more charge, meaning longer burst times.

Weapon Stats

Weapon Max Range Dmg Drop
Dmg Drop
Hit Damage/Shot Damage
Ammo cost
HAG20 1200m 1200m 40 82 Kinetic 163 (900)* 267 1476 3300 3.2 16s 6s 240 1500
HAG30 180 (900)* 295 8s
HAG40 189 (900)* 310 10s
*Max rate of fire All stats are current as of release 0.14.10

Gameplay & Hints

  • HAGs are used most efficiently by shooting full bursts until the capacitors go empty (full weapon bar) and waiting for the recharge. Unlike Ultra AutoCannons, that lose DPS for jamming, HAGs maximize their DPS by jamming.
  • Projectile spread widens significantly beyond 500m. Keep this in mind when attempting to target individual components at longer ranges.
  • Kinetic damage offers some bonus damage to air units.
  • Rapid fire and decent projectile damage can be useful against enemy Battle Armors.


The Hyper-Assault Gauss Rifle is a variation on the Gauss Rifle developed by Clan Hell's Horses in 3068. Hoping to stay ahead of the increasing technological curve, they apparently used similar design principles to the Lyran Alliance's Heavy Gauss Rifle. To compensate for Lyran Alliance's version drawbacks, Horse scientists used a series of capacitors and launching tubes to fire a multitude of smaller-caliber Gauss slugs. The resulting high rate of fire, akin almost to Rotary Autocannons, made these weapons very effective against Battle Armor, Combat Vehicles, VTOLs and Aerospace Fighters.

BattleTech Reference


The following Clan assets equip HAGs:

Asset Type Faction Tons HAG20 HAG30 HAG40
Shadowcat F Mech CL 45 1
Hellhound G Mech CL 50 1
Blacklanner E Mech CL 55 1
Cauldronborn C Mech CL 65 1
Cauldronborn F Mech CL 65 1
Novacat E Mech CL 70 1
Thor B Mech CL 70 1
Masakari A Mech CL 85 1
MadCatMKII G Mech CL 90 2
Daishi E Mech CL 100 1
Kodiak C Mech CL 100 1
Kodiak F Mech CL 100 1
Mithras G Vehicle CL 25 1
Epona E Vehicle CL 50 1
Oro F Vehicle CL 60 1
Shoden E Vehicle CL 70 1
Morrigu B Vehicle CL 80 2
Huitzilopochtli E Vehicle CL 85 1
Mars D Vehicle CL 100 2
Avar G ASF CL 35 1
Visigoth D ASF CL 60 1
Xerxes G ASF CL 85 2
All stats are current as of release 0.14.10