Hyper-Assault Gauss Rifle

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The Hyper-Assault Gauss Rifle is a variation on the Gauss Rifle a ballistic weapon used by the Clan and Inner Sphere.


The Hyper-Assault Gauss Rifle (HAG) is a high rate of fire, low damage per shot variation on the Gauss Rifle.
With long reach 1250m, massive kinetic damage and low waste heat, the Hyper-Assault Gauss weapon is everything a warrior could want—but heavy. The weapon is especially effective against Vehicles, Battle Armor and Aircraft showering them with 900 shots per minute. Firing multiple projectiles of far lighter caliber though a battery of capacitors, it makes up for the lack of punch with an extremely high rate of fire.
The HAG comes in 3 sizes each having the same ammo cost per ton of 1500 cbills. Smaller HAGs have less spread, though all are exceptionally accurate at maximum range.
Somewhat counter-intuitively, it is always best to fire the HAG until it jams, as jams clear far faster than the weapon can cool down normally.
The HAG 20 is the smallest, lightest, and most accurate of the HAG series.
The HAG 30 is the middle class of the HAG series.
The HAG 40 is the largest and most deadly of the HAG series.

Weapon Stats

All stats are current as of release 0.9.4. The cooldown time of all HAGs is 16 seconds. Instead, the shorter jammed duration is used to calculate DPS and players are advised to fire until the weapon jams for best results.

Weapon Listed Range Max Range Ammo/ton Heat per shot Damage Damage Type Shots/min Overheat Jam Duration Mech Damage/sec Heat/sec Ammo Cost/ton Max Damage/ton Ammo Notes
HAG20 1250m 1260m 240 3.2 82 Kinetic 900 1.33s 8s 175.3 48 1500 19680 ---
HAG30 1250m 1260m 240 3.2 82 Kinetic 900 2s 9s 223.64 48 1500 19680 ---
HAG40 1250m 1260m 240 3.2 82 Kinetic 900 2.66s 10s 258.44 48 1500 19680 ---


The Hyper-Assault Gauss Rifle is a variation on the Gauss Rifle developed by Clan Hell's Horses in 3068. Hoping to stay ahead of the increasing technological curve, they apparently used similar design principles to the Lyran Alliance's Heavy Gauss Rifle. To compensate for Lyran Alliance's version drawbacks, Horse scientists used a series of capacitors and launching tubes to fire a multitude of smaller-caliber Gauss slugs. The resulting high rate of fire, akin almost to Rotary Autocannons, made these weapons very effective against Battle Armor, Combat Vehicles, VTOL and Aero.

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