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The Hyper-Velocity AutoCannon (HVAC) is a modernization of the standard AutoCannon line-up. HVACs improve upon ACs of the same caliber with a longer range and a slightly higher bullet velocity, however they obtain the extra reach/speed by sacrificing ammo capacity and as such, HVACs will deal less damage per ton of ammo in comparison. When used in a long-range fire support role, HVACs can deliver precise damage from outside most other direct-fire weapons' ranges.

For example, the HVAC2 has a range of 1500m, compared to the AC2's range of 1200m. The AC2 can deal up to 10,380 damage per ton of ammo, while the HVAC2 can only manage a maximum of 8,645 damage. Therefore, it is recommended to buy additional HVAC ammo, especially when using an asset that relies on an HVAC as a primary weapon, such as the Bushwacker Prime.

HVACs currently come in the /2 and /10 calibers. There is no HVAC equivalent to the AC20 in MWLL, nor does the HVAC5 make an appearance as of yet.

Weapon Stats

All stats are current as of release 0.10.3
Weapon Max Range Dmg Drop
Dmg Drop
Damage/Shot Damage Type Secondary
Damage Type
Splash Radius Shots/min Raw DPS Heat/Shot Ammo/ton Ammo cost
HVAC2 1500m 1500m 10 12 x 28 Light Kinetic --- --- --- 8.8 51 28 360 500
HVAC10 955m 950m 100 225 550 Frag 1.45m / 2.8m 22.5 291 34 22 1000


Hyper-Velocity Autocannons are ballistic weapons first developed by the Capellan Confederation in the 3050s based on standard Autocannons common to many Inner Sphere units. HVACs feature an extended range in comparison to standard ACs of the same calibre without sacrificing damage output. In order to carry the propellant necessary for the shells to travel so far, each HVAC round is larger than its equivalent AC counterpart, meaning that less ammo is carried per ton. This difference in the type of round required also means that HVACs are incompatible with the specialized munitions available to regular ACs such as precision or armor-piercing rounds.

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The following Inner Sphere assets equip HVACs:


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