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Extended Long Range Missiles, or ELRMs, are an improved version of the LRM launcher with significantly improved maximum range.


The ELRM's carry a lower amount of missiles per ton of ammunition but can lock on at 1,500 meters, longer than any other missile weapon although the ArrowIV has a longer range when used in combination with NARC or TAG. Although they are no more deadly than standard LRM's and run out of ammunition quickly, the ELRM's impressive range makes it a very powerful weapon on maps which feature many open firing lines with little cover.

Because ELRM's have such long range they are often used in LRM camping tactics. As with standard LRMs, the ELRM's are very susceptible to enemy AMS systems, and as such when targeting AMS protected units it is best to send the largest number of missiles possible. In addition ELRM's will not be able to lock-on when operating under Passive Radar, nor will they track NARC Beacons or friendly TAG. For this reason units that mount ELRM's are often forced to keep using active radar.

ERLRM's are a weapon exclusive to the Inner Sphere.

Weapon Stats

Weapon Min Range Max Range Lock On
Lock On
Splash Damage/Shot Damage
Sec. Splash
Damage Type
Splash Radius
Max Speed
Ammo cost
ELRM10 ~290m 1870m 1500m 2s 10 x 87 Missile 10 x 87 Frag 1m / 3m 9.1 134 175 88 120 1100
ELRM15 2.3s 15 x 87 15 x 87 7.4 164 129
ELRM20 2.5s 20 x 87 20 x 87 6.5 193 176
All stats are current as of release 0.11.4

Gameplay & Hints

ELRMs vs. LRMs

Although ELRM's have a significantly better range than standard LRM's and CLRM's and deal equivalent damage there are some disadvantages that should be kept in mind. Most notable is that they carry fewer missiles per ton of ammo, which means that units depending on ELRM's often end up having to reload, taking them out of the battle. In addition, while the missiles have a longer range they fly no faster so units near the weapon's maximum range have ample time to seek cover or evade. Finally, if unable to bring the launcher's long range into play, which can be difficult in many maps, the weapon's primary advantage vanishes making it no more effective than traditional LRM's.


Extended LRM Launchers were an experimental system introduced by the Federated Commonwealth in 3054 in order to offset the range advantage of Clan weapons. In order to accomplish this an LRM launcher is paired with a booster system, making the launcher system bulkier and heavier but giving the missiles a longer range. Unfortunately this came with a 50% increase in the weapon's minimum range.

In Classic BattleTech ELRM's are unable to make use of advanced guidance systems like NARC or Artemis IV FCS.

BattleTech reference


The following Inner Sphere assets equip ELRMs:

All lists are current as of release 0.11.4