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X-Pulse Lasers, or XPLs, are improved versions of regular Pulse Lasers.


X-Pulse Lasers work in much the same way as standard Pulse Lasers with one major difference: they do not require a cool down time and thus can be fired indefinitely, making them effective brawling weapons since their high rate of fire gives them an impressive DPS. In addition, the X-Pulse Lasers have the same effective range as Standard Beam Lasers, giving them a slight edge in range as well. Because of the high rate of fire, X-Pulse Lasers can even be competent anti-Battle Armor weapons.

In general terms an X-Pulse Laser is more powerful than both a Pulse Laser or a Standard Beam Laser of similar type. The main problem with X-Pulse Lasers is that it is very easy to generate dangerous heat levels with sustained firing -- something that is especially tempting during intense fire fights. When heavily used it is best to keep an eye on the unit's heat, and to switch to controlled bursts when nearing red line.

Only Inner Sphere units mount X-Pulse Lasers.

Weapon Stats

All stats are current as of release 0.8.6.

Weapon Listed Range Heat Damage Damage Type Secondary Damage Secondary Damage Type Splash Radius Beam Duration Shots/min Overheat Cooldown Mech Damage/sec Mech Damage/Heat Heat/sec Notes
Air SXPL 450m 1.94 14.23 Energy-Air --- --- --- 0.06s 279.07 --- --- 66.16 7.33 9.02 ---
SXPL 300m 1.94 14.23 Energy --- --- --- 0.06s 279.07 --- --- 66.16 7.33 9.02 ---
Air MXPL 600m 3.88 28.45 Energy-Air --- --- --- 0.06s 279.07 --- --- 132.34 7.33 18.05 ---
MXPL 500m 3.88 28.45 Energy --- --- --- 0.06s 279.07 --- --- 132.34 7.33 18.05 ---
LXPL 700m 8.42 47.42 Energy --- --- --- 0.06s 279.07 --- --- 220.56 5.63 39.16 ---


Both the SXPL and MXPL are prime brawling weapons. When used in a brawl extra care should be taken to avoid over-heating as such close-range confrontations tend to be very sharp with heavy exchanges of fire. Use of Coolant may be unavoidable.


With a 700 meter range, the Large X-Pulse Laser is a prime medium-range weapon. When combined with a good firing position that provides cover to hide behind while dissipating heat the LXPL is a powerful sniping weapon that also proves its worth when the range closes. As with all Large Lasers heat can quickly become an issue.


In 3055 the Federated Commonwealth started research on the X-Pulse Laser, with the first Prototypes entering production in 3057. Although the project was derailed by the FedCom Civil War it didn't stop the deployment of the prototypes. Effectively amounting to modified Inner Sphere pulse lasers, the X-Pulse weapons could cycle faster and discharge with greater power -- although with the cost of significantly greater waste heat. The Clans have no equivalent of the weapon, though the Clan Pulse Lasers maintain a healthy range and moderate damage advantage over the IS X-Pulse.

In CBT the X-Pulse falls under the Experimental Rules Level, and is not part of the core game.


The following vehicles equip these weapons.


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