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The (IS) Thumper Artillery Piece is the smallest conventional artillery piece with an effective range of 11.0 kilometers. While an effective Field Artillery weapon, the Thumper is perhaps best known for its use as the main gun.


Thumper, a direct fire artillery piece. The unit must be anchored down to fire like a MobileLongTom, but it can scoot about much more readily when undeployed, and can change states very quickly. Mastering the Thumper takes time as it lacks the Long Tom's targeting computer, but the rapid rate of fire and nigh-infinite range allow it to repeatedly blast approaching enemies. The cannon can also be used at point blank, though its sustained damage-per-second is fairly mediocre.

Weapon Stats

All stats are current as of release 0.9.4.

Weapon Listed Range Max Range Ammo/ton Heat Damage Damage Type Splash Radius Shots/min Mech Damage/sec Heat/sec Ammo Cost/ton Max Damage/ton Ammo Notes
Thumper Artillery 3000m 11000m 15 200 1000 Energy 10m 10 166.67 33.33 2400 15000 ---


Thumper was created by Brooks Incorporated as a cheap knockoff of the SLDF's Thor Artillery Vehicle. The vehicle was mass produced and sold to the Successor States from 2735 to 3046. Sales of the vehicle fell off in the years following the Fourth Succession War. The vehicle was put into production again and refitted for modern combat during the Jihad. During this chaotic time, Brooks Inc. used the advantage of defense spending increases to begin selling its vehicle to the Word of Blake. It is suspected that Brooks conspired with the fanatical Blakists to ensure that newly revised equipment and sales would go to them. Brooks Inc attempted to sell the vehicle to other powers, including Periphery realms, however had failed in their endeavors. The current version of the vehicle is noted for its mobility, crew comfort, and electronic defenses. By the time of the Dark Age, it has become the most common mobile artillery platform used in that era.

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Thumper Artillery

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