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Myomer Accelerator Signal Circuitry or MASC, allows a Mech to move much faster at the expense of generating excess heat. MASC is engaged by simply holding the "Left Shift" key while moving. The significant speed boost that results can allow for quicker attack runs, but limits maneuverability slightly, much like modern-day afterburners or nitros. Care must be taken when using MASC, especially in conjunction with Jump Jets or Energy Weapons, as this can result in dangerous amounts of heat.

Carried By
Owens C Owens D Raven Prime Raven A Raven C Osiris F
Solitaire B Solitaire C Uller C Cougar D Puma D Puma E
Chimera E Hollander II A Hollander II C Hollander II F Bushwacker E Uziel B
Shadow Cat (all) Black Lanner (all)
Catapult G Avatar E Fafnir F
Loki D Nova Cat B Nova Cat E Blood Asp F