TSA Inferno

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TSA Inferno
SA Inferno.jpg
Environment: Volcanic
Temperature: 225
Planet: Satalice
Coords: 6.00, 263.15
Size: 4096 x 4096
Game Modes:
First Available In: Beta 1
Number of Bases: IS: 2 (VTOL: 1)
Clan: 2 (VTOL: 1)
Tactical Map
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"When Clan Wolf clusters invaded Satalice, Överste MacGalliard used guerrilla tactics in an attempt to disorganize the clanners. This strategy was thwarted by Clan aerospace supremacy, reducing mobility and leaving no place to hide. Recent volcanic activity has limited the use of air-power, creating a unique and unforgiving battlefield."
— Map introduction


SA_Inferno changed it's design entirely in version 0.2.0. In first stage it was small map centered around one, big volcano in the middle, allowing multiple opportunities to surprise enemy by suddenly jumping from behind the rocks to level below. Map however was too small for battles with 20 players or above, leading to it's removal from most of game servers along with Beta 0.1. Therefore map was re-done from scratch in version 0.2.0.

Known Issues

  • When exiting the lava, unit heat level keeps raising. To fix the issue enter lava back again and than exit it.