TC Inferno

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TC Inferno
SA Inferno.jpg
Created By: Sannyasi
Environment: Volcanic
Temperature: 225°C
Planet: Satalice
Coords: 6.00, 263.15
Size: 4096 x 4096
Game Modes:
First Available In: 0.6.0
Number of Bases: IS: 1
Clan: 1
Neutral: 5
Tactical Map

"When Clan Wolf clusters invaded Satalice, Oeverste MacGalliard used guerrilla tactics in an attempt to disorganize the clanners. This strategy was thwarted by Clan aerospace supremacy, reducing mobility and leaving no place to hide. Recent volcanic activity has turned the terrain into a unique and unforgiving battlefield."
— Map introduction


If you like it hot, this is the map for you. Inferno features the highest heat floor of any map in the game at a staggering 225 degrees. Assets with loadouts that cause sharp heat spikes are often unusable, and even some cooler-running assets will struggle with the reduced heat capacity available. A very important thing to note is that while the heat floor is very high, heat dissipation is not impacted signficantly. Your heat sinks will work largely as they would on most other maps. Flamers are very popular on Inferno and can be quite effective when deployed in a large brawl.

The map features numerous lava pools and flows, which will rapidly overheat your asset and kill you should you fall into them. Use the map and zoom in if you are still learning the map's layout as it can save you from a frustrating death in this manner.

Inferno is a very center-based map, due to the 3.0x capture zone at the central caldera. This capture zone is effectively shaped like a large donut, meaning that the entire caldera must be clear of opposing players in order to flip the zone. The size of the capture zone allows for stalling/blocking tactics not commonly found on other maps, especially with Battle Armor. Brawls are frequent, though sniping from the high ground using Gauss Rifles is an effective tactic too.

The side bases on Inferno, which only allow buying & repairing up to 65t 'Mechs plus the Warhammer and Nova Cat, have been known to break when a 'Mech goes critical inside the bay, which can vastly alter the game flow of a typical Inferno game. As a result, Inferno is not often included in Terrain Control map rotations. Repair bays can be found at C5 and F4, however your team will have to supply an APC to enable reloading ammo at these locations.


A4 / B4
  • Type: neutral outpost
  • Defenses: 2x Hawk Eye
  • Capture weight: 1
  • Spawn: Yes
  • Can build: none
  • Services: Repair
  • Type: neutral strategic point
  • Defenses: none
  • Capture weight: 3
  • Spawn: Yes
  • Can build: none
  • Services: none
  • Type: neutral outpost
  • Defenses: 2x Hawk Eye
  • Capture weight: 1
  • Spawn: Yes
  • Can build: none
  • Services: Repair
G4 / H4