SA HelsGate

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SA HelsGate
Warhammer enters.jpg
Environment: Arena
Temperature: -145
Planet: HelsGate
Coords: -148.44, -398.49
Size: 2048 x 2048
Game Modes:
First Available In: 0.5.0
Tactical Map

"On a remote protoworld deep within the periphery, the dark caste regularly hire out a mysterious arena. Thought to be the trialling grounds of an outcast clan, the freezing temperatures, low gravity and deadly EM radiation have made Hel into a popular, exotic battleground."
— Map introduction


A very cold arena map with a very low heat floor, HelsGate favours hotter-running assets. Like all Solaris Arena maps, brawlers are the only thing one should consider when purchasing an asset. HelsGate also features low-gravity, making Jump Jetting 'Mechs remain airborne for significantly longer than they otherwise would. The low-g also affects Battle Armor and can be disorienting for players unused to it, even for simple tasks such as getting into your 'Mech.

HelsGate features two repair & rearm bays directly opposite one another underneath the large solar panels near the entrances to the central crater area. While still difficult to use them without being disturbed, it is easier than on the other Solaris Arena maps.

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