SA Glory

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SA Glory
Warhammer enters.jpg
Environment: Arena
Temperature: 19°C
Planet: Solaris VII
Coords: -148.44, -398.49
Size: 2048 x 2048
Game Modes:
First Available In: 0.5.0

Tactical Map
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"With its small area and unique terrain features, this arena has seen the first matches of many great Solaris Arena champions, and just as many failures."
— Map introduction


SA Glory is a circular arena map, where most of the hangars are situated on the low ground, with a road to follow in order to get out onto the main plateau. The low-ground hangars are often the area of bloody small-scale conflicts between a recently spawned player and slower opponents roaming the edge of the arena.

A repair bay with reloads exists near the center of the map. Much of the high-ground action is centered around this bay for the advantage it provides.